Four Females Claim Samuel Nelson Put His Penis on Their Feet; They Did Not Want His Penis on Their Feet

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Samuel Nelson
In June, a woman told Phoenix police that she was pretty sure Samuel Nelson put his penis on her foot while she was sleeping at a relative's house -- which is the second time she believed he'd done this.

Turns out, two other women and a 12-year-old girl told police very similar stories, involving Nelson's penis and their feet, resulting in Nelson's arrest yesterday.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the woman who reported the incident to police, in June, said she woke up and felt an "oil substance" on her foot, and saw Nelson, who quickly walked away from her. She told police this same thing also played out in 2007.

In late November, police interviewed the 12-year-old, who said she saw Nelson masturbating behind her in an open area at this same relative's house a few years back. Another time, she was sitting on the couch, and Nelson got down on his knees and tried to put his penis on her foot, according to the documents.

The girl told police that on a third occasion, she was sleeping when she felt Nelson put his penis on her foot, the documents say.

A week later, police interviewed another woman -- staying at this same relative's house -- who said she was sleeping earlier this year when she felt Nelson's penis on her foot.

A fourth female, an adult, told police she was also sleeping there when she felt Nelson put his penis on her foot, according to the documents.

Nelson was interviewed by police, but denied all of it, the documents state.

Still, Nelson was jailed on six felony charges, related to sexual abuse and sexual indecency. Given the nature of the charges, Nelson's being held without bond.

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Hell he has one hell of a foot fetish iky too.


good lock him up, let him find out what prison is like for sick freaks.


Hmm, better on em than in em.... 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

A new variation of the old foot fetish! I bet Dan Savage never heard of this kind of kink.

66rock topcommenter

Ok this guy and this story is for real!?  LOL  Just about the weirdest to end a very weird year.  Happy New Year all!

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