Flashback: John McCain Calling John Kerry "Mr. Secretary"

Senator John McCain
In a move that wasn't exactly unexpected, President Obama nominated Senator John Kerry for the secretary of state post to replace Hillary Clinton.

That reminds us of the moment earlier this month when Senator John McCain -- who essentially forced out Obama's original pick for the spot, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice -- called Kerry "Mr. Secretary."

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There was a lot of speculation at the time that Kerry would be Obama's next choice after Rice took her name out of consideration, and there's also speculation that McCain would be accepting of Kerry, since it would open up that Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Either way, it set up a pretty funny moment between the two, which became hilarious when it was color-commentated by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

McCain and Kerry were together for a press conference in support of a United Nations treaty on disabilities, where McCain jokingly introduced Kerry as "Mr. Secretary."

Kerry responded, "Thank you very much Mr. President."

As explained by Stewart in the clip below, that comparison is "a little disproportionate."

"McCain teased you about a job you might get, and you hit him with the failure of his life," Stewart said.

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John McCain wanted Kerry out of the senate so his puppet & stooge Scott Brown has a chance to reenter the senate. John Kerry is too sensible, plus Kerry is not a hateful warmonger like John McCain. Which proves that Kerry is not McCain's type for Sec. of State. John McCain says nothing or does nothing unless it's beneficial to John McCain and John McCain only. I would like to see 
Teddy Jr. run for his father's old senate sit and put old man McCain is his place. 


66rock topcommenter

Actually, worthy of the Comeback Hall of Fame.  I love it!!

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