Echo Magazine: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and First Lady Nicole Stanton Named Man, Woman of the Year

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Nicole and Greg Stanton
Echo Magazine has selected Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and his wife Nicole as man and woman of the year for taking a strong stance in support of the LGBT community.

Here's an excerpt from the article honoring the Stantons:

After his election as mayor of Phoenix in 2011, it was expected that Greg Stanton would continue to be a friend to the LGBT community. After all, he had made a big play for the community's support in his campaign.

But as Stanton assumed office early this year, the LGBT community got a bonus with his wife Nicole, who like no other Phoenix first lady is using her husband's time in office to spotlight issues important to her -- and to us.

Together, in the past year the Stantons have championed many of the LGBT community's core issues, including anti-bullying, anti-discrimination, HIV/AIDS awareness and marriage equality.

In the process, they have become examples of how allies to the LGBT community have stepped up to help make possible this year's remarkable progress, what Mayor Stanton said represents a "societal tipping point."

For their time and attention as allies working on local LGBT issues, Greg and Nicole Stanton are Echo Magazine's Man and Woman of the Year for 2012.

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Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Don't know anything about his wife, but I question Stantons endorsement of the Phoenix Police Chief considering Dallas had one of the highest crime rates in the country when he left there to come here. So no he doesn't deserve it.


Even in the darkness that is Arizona, sometimes a little "human sunshine" is seen.

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