David Luellen Wanted to Slash a Scottsdale Bartender's Tires, but Didn't Know Which Car Was His -- 21 Cars Now Need New Tires

Scottsdale PD
David Luellen
David Luellen wanted to slash the tires on a bartender's car, after getting upset with that bartender in the course of some Monday night drinking in Old Town Scottsdale.

Luellen did not know exactly which car belonged to this bartender, so 21 people who parked in Old Town on Monday night will now need to purchase new tires.

According to Scottsdale PD, cops were called to the Lodge Bar at 2 a.m. to handle an intoxicated fellow who got into a verbal argument with a bartender.

That man ended up damaging some bar property on his way out, and left before police arrived.

However, police did find Luellen, matching the description of this intoxicated man, in a nearby parking garage attempting to break into a car, according to Scottsdale police.

Luellen, a 22-year-old Cave Creek resident, tried to run, but police caught up with him.

Police say Luellen admitted that he was trying to break into that car because he thought it belonged to the bartender he was arguing with.

That vehicle also had its tires slashed, and police say Luellen had actually just slashed the tires of any car in the area, because he wasn't really sure if he was targeting the correct vehicle.

Police searched the area, and came back with a count of 21 vehicles with at least one tire slashed.

Scottsdale Police Officer David Pubins tells New Times that the bartender's car doesn't appear to be among the vehicles damaged.

Scottsdale PD also found the utility knife Luellen had allegedly used in the slashing spree. He was jailed on charges of theft, burglary, and criminal damage.

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Jeanne Donnelly
Jeanne Donnelly

moron. Everyone affected should sue for the tires in small claims court. Then when he doesn't pay....garnish his wages.

Don Blank
Don Blank

But he can still get any gun he wants

Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

An appropriate punishment would be to suspend his license for 6 months for every car he damaged.


Police should have turned him over to the victims for some good old fashioned street justice. Had he slashed my tires he would be sorry he was ever born.


@Don Blank Precisely why it's important that I (and anyone who values their life & family) can get any gun I want.


@JoeArpaioFan A new innertube for your bike is what, $2???  For you that is almost 1/2 hour in take home pay, but still....

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