Border Patrol Agent Allegedly Caught Smuggling Weed on the Job, Claims He's "F***ed"

A Border Patrol agent was allegedly caught smuggling about 147 pounds of marijuana into the United States on Sunday.

According to a federal complaint, Agent Aaron Anaya didn't have much more to say than the fact he believes he's "fucked."

The FBI's "Southwest Border Corruption Task Force" was patrolling the border between the cities of Yuma and Wellton around 7:30 p.m. Sunday when agents saw three people on the Mexico side of the border climb the fence, and passed "large bales" over the fence, onto the U.S. side.

According to the complaint, the recipient of those bales was someone driving a United States Border Patrol vehicle, who placed the packages in the back of that vehicle.

The complaint notes that none of the three people handing off the weed from the Mexico side ever stepped onto U.S. soil.

The agents kept an eye on the Border Patrol vehicle for a few hours, and also monitored the Border Patrol's radio frequency -- in which there was no mention of any large bales being picked up.

Just shy of 11 p.m., the agents detained the driver of that Border Patrol vehicle -- Agent Anaya -- and searched through his vehicle. Sure enough, the complaint says this says there were six cellophane-wrapped bales full of a "green leafy substance" that sure seems to be marijuana.

The total haul was 146.9 pounds, according to the complaint.

Agents asked Anaya if he would be willing to speak to them without an attorney present, and Anaya's only comment was, "I'm fucked, you guys got me on video."

Anaya faces charges of marijuana possession with an intent to distribute, as well as possessing firearms -- albeit his Border Patrol-issued firearms -- during this alleged offense.

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Can you see why cannabis should be legalized? 

If nothing else, to prevent this crappy quality cannabis from coming over to USA.

Marijuana is not medical. Marijuana is awful quality junk FROM MEXICO packed in trash compactors, full of seeds and who knows what pesticides.


Don't think its just lowly border agents bringing in garbage from Latin America.

Wells Fargo and Wachovia banks we caught with almost half a trillion in drug money laundering. All the cartels work for the banks. They are very much like employees of the bank.

Even the CIA planes that are frequently crashing on the way back to the US are filled with Latin American drugs.

On top of that, the US government is breaking the law, IN EVERY CASE.


10th Amendment clearly says Feds have NO POWER, over almost everything. The Feds are only allowed to do THREE things, read them in Constitution (ITS the law)


US Fed Government are HYPOCRITES, because while they arrest people for medical cannabis, they also have a patent for medical cannabis -patent #6630507 uspto 

US Health Dept. says cannabis is effective neuro-protectant and antioxidant.Who doesn't need neuroprotection? Who doesn't need antioxidation?

We need cannabis simply to protect us from the GM food being deceptively forced upon us. 

This is just more abuse of taxpayers (who voted for med cannabis).

Make government (politicians) obey voters and OUR laws.

FACT: 10th Amendment clearly says Fed has no power. In fact, its opposite, the People and States have and hold ALL the power. Further,every state constitution clearly says all power comes from, or is derived from, or is vested in, the People.


I know this is 2 BP agents caught smuggling weed this year in Arizona...anymore ? peace

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

crooked cops? who woulda thought? and the closer they get to town , the worse they get. the focal point would be on the 19th floor of a certain building down town in phoenix. real easy to tell which office too, just look for the one Joe hangs his coat in


Now let's see, with the last name Anaya he is likely to be Hispanic.  You see this is where profiling comes in. If he had properly been profiled long ago because he is Hispanic, there would never have been smuggling by him because he wouldn't have had a job in any position to smuggle.


@JoeArpaioFan Sure, Goober. And how about crooked customs agent Donald Simpson? Not Hispanic. How about crooked Border Patrol agent Gary Callahan? Not Hispanic. It's hard to believe someone can be as shit-stupid as you are, but you demonstrate it again and again on these boards. Or are you just masochistic?


@JoeArpaioFan where as if you would have been properly branded as a sissy you'd  have been beaten up enough times to know better the spouting off with your senseless trolls.


@JoeArpaioFan Did someone say jafs ass ? Yeah well to start with that's where he likes his popis limp noodle wet and full of marinara sauce ....straight from hes heroes taint spot .....................Feed the TROLLS fuck you jaf you silly ass  he-she!


@NaughtyLisa You mean I should have my ass kicked for telling things the way that they are or is it that you just don't like hearing the truth?


@danzigsdaddy @teknik  

No, he's right. Those Drugs come from LATIN AMERICA.

Those aren't Latin Romans, either.

And, a sissy won't speak up, only people with guts.

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