Body Found Near Tempe Marketplace Identified as ASU Freshman Jack Culolias

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The medical examiner has identified the body found in the river north of Tempe Marketplace on Sunday as ASU freshman Jack Culolias.

Tempe police expected the body to be identified as Culolias, who was last seen around the time he got kicked out of the Cadillac Ranch restaurant/bar the night of November 30.

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The only physical clue of Culolias' whereabouts was a single red shoe, which was found by Culolias' mother north of the shopping center a few days after he was last seen. Tempe police said the body had a single red shoe on one of the feet when it was discovered.

Investigators searched that same general area for several days, but completed their search on December 7.

A Maricopa County Sheriff's Office helicopter was brought in, as were K-9 units specifically trained to find humans, a robot with sonar that could find objects underwater, and investigators on the ground, but they didn't find any physical clues.

Although it seems strange that the body would be found after what seemed to be a very thorough search, there is a likely answer, albeit a morbid one.

In a very similar situation a couple years back, a Tempe cop explained to us that a body will oftentimes sink to the bottom of a body of water, and remain there until an amount of gases form inside the body, eventually pushing the body to the surface, where it will remain.

Some forensics literature related to human bodies in water confirms this, and the water temperature also appears to be a factor in the time it takes for a body to surface.

Volunteers searching for Culolias were the ones who spotted the body on Sunday, and phoned it in to police.

Culolias was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch in Tempe Marketplace -- where he used a fake ID to get in -- around 11 p.m. on November 30, during an event with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, in which Culolias is a pledge.

Culolias' mother, a California resident, ended up filing the missing-person report with ASU police two days later, and came out to Tempe to search for her son shortly after that -- when she found one of her son's red shoes.

Police haven't publicly speculated about what may have happened to Culolias, and a cause of death hasn't been identified as of yet.

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Just down the street at the tempe diablo stadium there has been a joint task force with dozens of police officers from multiple jurisdictions pulling people over for minor traffic violations just to find that one dui or illegal immigrant to pay for the sonar tech and body sniffing dog trainers maybe our law enforcement should focus on the important things in this town a little more, like the murders robberies missing and kidnapping victims of maricopa county not a slightly speeding motorist who had a coupe glasses of wine for the in az you see multiple DUI advertisements on billboards TV and radio NONE for missing persons or wanted criminals----??????


Freshmen should not be allowed to rush fraternities... period.  Stupid loss of life over another underaged alcohol related incident.  Mother should sue the fraternity, who obviously knew that these pledges were underaged.  If the University does not do its due diligence and conduct a full review of fraternity recruiting practices, it will be guilty of negligence as well.


He was ten feet away in two feet of water..."NOW THAT IS POLICE WORK"


@angrychrist Actually, Jack's picture was on a billboard after he went missing.  The police did search, multiple times, and all indications from the circumstantial evidence pointed to Jack being dead before he was reported missing, so it's not as if spending more manhours would bring the kid back.  It's not as if he was a preshcooler snatched in the middle of the night.  He was an adult that chose to illegally obtain a fake ID, use it to illegally purchase booze, got so wasted he urinated off a balcony to the cheers of his "friends" and was kicked out for it, sadly too inebriated to steer clear of the water.   How much time should the police have spent looking for this dumb kids body?  I think that anger is misplaced.  Perhaps the real lesson to take from this is that we have to look out for eachother, and any "fraternal" organization that will cheer for you as you're making a fool out of yourself but leave you alone to die rather than leave the party is a pretty sad representation of what our society has become.   So many of these frat kids want the bar shut down yet I havnt seen one apologize for not looking out for their "brother" that night.  

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