Arizona's Powerball Winner Staying Anonymous, but Totally Sounds Like a Rich Guy

Arizona Lottery officials held a press conference this afternoon to announce details about the Fountain Hills dude who won half of the $587.5 million Powerball jackpot, except the guy's name.

Based on the description given by lottery officials, they definitely made it sound like this guy was rich before he won the jackpot -- although that probably wasn't their intent.

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We'll have to wait for a bit until we found out what the guy's name is, because he doesn't get to stay anonymous forever.

"The Arizona Lottery is required to release the winner's name, city of residence, game, and amount won upon request, so total anonymity is not possible," according to the lottery's website.

Until we know who this guy is, we're guessing that the guy was wealthy before taking the $192 million cash option, which is about $134 million after taxes.

Below, find a list of ways lottery officials described this fellow today, and convince us that this guy doesn't already reek of cash:

  • Lives in Fountain Hills
  • In his 30s and married
  • Just turned over the ticket to lottery officials, after assembling lawyers and financial advisers to make a plan
  • "He's a professional"
  • "Financially savvy"
  • "Smart"
  • He enjoys the work he does
  • He wants to use the money to do "something beneficial for the community"
  • Already gives money to non-profits and charities
  • Plans on setting up his own charity

If you just said to yourself, "Damn, none of those things (other than age or marital status) sound like me," that's because you're not rich.

Again, we're just guessing the guy's rich, because he totally sounds like he was rich -- before he got even richer -- but we'll probably find out soon enough.

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The descriptors in the list do not necessarily prove the guy was "already wealthy".  Maybe Matthew needs to define the word 'wealthy' for us.  There certainly are plenty of non-wealthy (by my definition)people who would nonetheless fit the description in the list.  In any case, the guy sounds like a winner in more ways than one.  He sounds like a socially responsible man.  He sounds generous, and caring, and yes, smart!


Pettiness and spite is not very becoming, Matthew.


If the guy was so smart and savvy he wouldn't be wasting his money on the lottery. It's just a way for poor folks to buy a few days of hope.


A few years ago,  I read a story about Jennifer Lopez's mom winning $100,000 at a casino playing the slots.  Her daughter is worth approx $250 million.

Sometimes life just ain't fair!


Back when I used to live in Washington DC the Powerball also got up so high that everyone was playing it. After the jackpot was won and the winners revealed, turned out a U.S. senator from New Hampshire was one of them. He got the lesser prize of $1 million. He was already a millionaire and a chair of the senate banking committee. In the spirit of Dick Cheney, I imagined telling the senator to go and f**k himself.


Sickening.  I was hoping this would go to someone who really needed it,like in the middle of losing their home, unemployed and holding on totheir last string of hope.. they bought this lottery ticket.  You know,like the stuff that makes for good movies.   Ugh.. who ever said lifehas to be fair? I've yet to see that... yet to see it.

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