Arizona Snowbowl and Sunrise Park Resort Opening This Week

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Bottom of the Aspen lift at Arizona Snowbowl on Sunday.
Good news for the people who chose to live in a desert, but like playing in snow: both the Arizona Snowbowl and the Sunrise Park Resort will be opening their mountains this week for skiing and snowboarding.

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Snowbowl will be opening on Thursday, and for its 75th year in operation, it gets to cheat a little bit with the fake snow if needed.

Of course, we're talking about the pipeline of reclaimed water to make snow, which will finally be put to use, despite the years of protest from some American Indians and environmentalist-types.

Although the reclaimed water has been used in Flagstaff to water places for parks and golf courses, protesters have claimed its a health hazard -- like the four protesters who face federal charges for their "quarantine" of a Forest Service office in September.

Still, government agencies say it's A-OK, and Snowbowl says the snow-making ability is useful, so, there.

Meanwhile, out near Greer, three lifts will be opened at Sunrise on Wednesday, and three more are slated to open on Friday.

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Glad to hear you all down there finally receiving some snow. We have 50 inches at Wolf Creek, and much more tonight.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Let's go POOP SKING!!!!  Actually, the Forest Service, when confronted with some of that "safe" reclaimed water being poored on their office floor called in the HAZ MAT units up in Flagstaff recently.  Hmmmm.Mr. Hendley - why not actually do some investigative reporting rather than just regurgitating the press releases you get from the corporate goons?Start here:


Should be good skiing up at Sunrise. Snow making has started. Pray the power doesn't go out.... NEC's transformer was shot several times on Sunday!

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