Sex With Minors: Supervisor of Detective Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Teenage Boys Claims Top City Officials Protected the Cop

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Assistant Police Chief Tracy Montgomery
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Councilman Tom Simplot
Phoenix police Sergeant Mark Schweikert, supervisor of a now-former Phoenix police detective accused of having sex with two teenage boys, claims that two city officials meddled in his efforts to deal with the detective's work problems.

In the 22-page memo, first obtained by CBS 5 reporter Donna Rossi, Schweikert alleges that Phoenix Councilman Tom Simplot and Assistant Police Chief Tracy Montgomery, both openly gay, interfered in his dealings with that ex-cop: Chris Wilson.

Schweikert reveals that he was "concerned" about Wilson's emotional state and knew that "Wilson [was] up to something" in the weeks leading up to his arrest.

Phoenix Police Department spokesman Trent Crump says department officials, including Montgomery, aren't commenting on the matter because it's under review.

However, Simplot's office provided New Times a copy of a memo written by Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia on November 28 to City Manager David Cavazos to "address the question of Councilman Simplot's alleged involvement in influencing Sergeant Mark Schweikert's actions in the supervision of former Detective Chris Wilson."

Garcia writes that he has "no information that would support the allegation, and I am not aware of any involvement by Councilman Simplot in attempting to influence Sergeant Mark Schweikert in supervising the police duties of former Detective Chris Wilson."

Former Phoenix Police Detective Chris Wilson
Police arrested Wilson, 43, on August 7 in connection with the alleged sexual assaults of a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old. Wilson served on the police department's Community Response Squad as outreach officer to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Schweikert says Wilson "would make his close relationship with Councilman Simplot known" and "would brag about being Councilman Simplot's workout partner."

Schweikert writes, "Mr. Wilson advised me on several occasions that he was invited to attend formal events with Councilman Simplot."

Simplot tells New Times that he has not read the memo but that he has never intervened in matters involving city employees.

The matter is under investigation by the city's Equal Opportunity Department, where Schweikert filed a formal complaint in late September over officials' allegedly creating a hostile work environment for him with their interference.

Schweikert apparently had complained to the EOD before September about Montgomery "interfering" with the management of his squad, but it went ignored, he says.

"As time passed, no one ever followed up on my complaint," Schweikert writes. "I felt my complaint was dismissed in a passive-aggressive manner."

Schweikert's claims are explosive because Wilson met the boys he is accused of sexually assaulting through his positions as a liaison officer. And there were complaints about Wilson from the community, according to Schweikert -- including that Wilson didn't communicate well with the community, was not connecting with gay churches or businesses, was arrogant, was unapproachable, and was "an asshole."

But Schweikert says he didn't feel -- given Wilson's political connections -- that he could act on those complaints or take any action against Wilson.

It's only speculation whether Wilson would have remained in his post and engaged in the alleged subsequent sexual assaults if Schweikert had addressed the problems with Wilson.

Wilson would "infer that his attendance at various LGBT functions was mandated by [Simplot] and would require the payment of overtime," Schweikert writes.

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We love you Chief McClelland.  Oooops, gotta go.  The city auditor is calling to find out where to get the extra million we are going to have to pay Sgt. Roberts.


Want to read the sergeant's 22 page letter on how Chief Montgomery treated him and buddied up with pedophile Wilson, go to:  You will not believe what happened and how nobody did anything to stop Officer Wilson.  If what the sergeant wrote is true, Chief Montgomery and Commander A.B. Smith deserve to be decertified in my humble opinion.  These two had many opportunities to stop Officer Wilson and they took the easy way out by turning the other cheek.

Morale in the PPD has never been lower.  One assistant chief has been accused of calling black officers-niggers.  Another has been accused of sleeping with subordinates of the same-sex.  Another called Phoenix the "kidnapping capital of the world" and started the entire Sergeant Robert's whistle-blowing matter.  Another threatened Sergeant Roberts when he wrote his whistle-blowing memos and the list goes on and on.

Just go to Bad Phoenix and see what your tax dollars have been doing in the PPD.  Then, to make it worse, the new chief who was hired to fix things, has only reassigned all the lieutenants when they didn't need to be and change our officer's uniforms back to the same being worn in the 70's.  Big changes Chief.  We are all proud of you!

I guess City Manager David Cavasoz has really earned his $78k pay increase by selecting this idiot to run the PPD.


It is about time these stories about Assistant Chief Montgomery be told. She was protected far too long by Jack Harris. The PPD needs to rid itself of incompetent executive staff members. Chief Montgomery, Chief Pina and Chief Yahner need to go. These three have been accused of so many things the last few years and always come out smelling like a rose. Let some poor Shift 3 officer lose his ticket book and bam, a suspension is in order! Double-standard fursur!

Chief Garcia is new. He can get rid of this incompetence and blame it on his predecessor. Seems like a safe thing to do. Maybe he isn't smart enough?

Don't get rid of Chief McClelland. He just added two zeros to Sgt. Phil Roberts lawsuit settlement. You have to hand it to McClelland for telling the truth however! Takes a man with some big balls (not the type Tracey is sporting in her shorts). I admire Chief McClelland right now!


This is only one of several allegations currently being investigated against Chief Tracey Montgomery. She is under investigation for violating the rights of white male officers by refusing to send them to the inauguration of President Obama in January. Instead of sending officers based upon seniority (as the officer's contract mandates), she decided to send a "rainbow" of much junior officers. This is being investigated by the Feds I am told.When is "Policing with a Porpoise" Chief Danny Garcia going to get it and deal with Tracey Montgomery? She is continually getting her "dick" (n pun intended) in the ringer and Danny Boy digs her back out.The PPD is already about to lose their as on the Sergeant Phil Roberts case for mistreating him. Danny Boy is going down with that ship the instant he signs off on Robert's termination papers. Is Danny going to let Montgomery take him down before Robert's does?Stan the Man and Palumbo are idiots!


Thats "Out" Assistant Chief Montgomery according to Donna Rossi.


False means "no truth at all." You truly are a moron!


The accusations are likely to be false meaning no truth to it at all.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

anybody remember when the cops represented the law? i dont know if they are getting worse or if we are just seeing it more clearly now.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan so what you are saying is that the police arrest people on false charges? that people accused of crimes arent always guilty? you are contradicting yourself. you seem to think the police are infallable, yet here they have arrested someone who you seem to think is innocent. or is that you only seem to think sex crimes are not crimes? big tip for you, just because you have a badge doesnt mean everything you do is legal. 

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