12 News Anchor Mark Curtis' Mustache May Cause Female Orgasms (Says Stephen Colbert)

That mustache is a possible catalyst for female orgasms.
The porn-star mustache on the upper lip of 12 News anchor Mark Curtis may help women reach orgasm during sex -- at least, according to the Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert.

Explaining treatments for what Colbert calls Low-T and Low-O (testosterone, and orgasm, respectively), Colbert referenced a 12 News segment of Curtis explaining Tefina, a nasal spray that a lot of people are calling the "female Viagra."

The joke on Curtis starts at the 6:40 mark in the video above, and for those who can't see the video, we'll ruin the joke in text format for you.

It starts with Curtis' opening to the 12 News segment, saying, "Women who have trouble reaching orgasm during sex could soon get help, believe it or not, from a nasal spray."

Colbert interjects, "They might also get help from that guy's mustache."

As you can see from the chart of mustache types below, Curtis clearly rocks the porn-star mustache, so we're inclined to believe Colbert's segment. If it worked for you, shoot us an e-mail, or video, or something.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Yes, Mark Curtis has quite a French tickler on his upper lip.

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