Who Should Play Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals?

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The Arizona Cardinals' quarterback situation has morphed from a controversy into a joke, as the Cardinals threw for a grand total of 41 yards in Sunday's loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

The only guy who was winning games, Kevin Kolb, is still injured, John Skelton was pulled from Sunday's game after completing two of seven passes for 6 yards, and rookie Ryan Lindley didn't really do anything helpful in his pro debut.

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Even though getting rookie tackle Nate Potter in the game has helped protect whoever the Cards' quarterback is -- Lindley was sacked three times on Sunday, and Skelton wasn't sacked -- it really doesn't seem to matter who's behind center.

That said, let's leave it up to New Times readers to decide who should be playing quarterback for the Cardinals.

Cast your vote below:

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I vote for Piehole!


Boohoo, the Cards are having a bad season. Waa waa.

I don't care for the Bidwills, never have, never will. The team could leave for L-A under cover of darkness and it would be glorious to watch the elbows and assholes bailing from the band wagon (if they aren't doing so yet).

Had the powers that were waited a year or two longer, the NFL likely would have awarded Phoenix its own expansion team that would've been our team, not some hack organization that didn't like Chicago or St Louis and came here under...wait for it...cover of darkness. That bedpan shaped stadium would probably have more championship banners hanging from the rafters too.

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