Thanksgiving Day Homicide in Phoenix Suspected After Police Find Body With "Trauma"

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Phoenix police report that a homicide investigation has begun after a body was found on Thanksgiving Day with obvious "trauma."

The body was found "in the area of 4015 East Madison" in Phoenix, writes Phoenix Officer James Holmes in an e-mail when asked about recent death investigations. "We have not identified this victim and there are no suspect(s) or witnesses."

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Image: Google Maps
Phoenix police are investigating a homicide after a body with signs of "trauma" was found on Thursday in the area of 4015 East Madison Street.

That's the address of a local boat shop near 40th Street and Washington, near a large, empty lot.

Holmes is saying no more, for now. We'll let you know when more info is released.

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Hmm, do yah think foul play may be involved?

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