State Representative David Burnell Smith Hit With DUI, Pulls a "Do You Know Who I Am?"

David Burnell Smith
Driving under the influence: not very funny. Republican state Representative David Burnell Smith's arrest for alleged DUI: hilarious.

Smith pulled the alleged DUI trifecta in his encounter with Scottsdale police: as an attorney who claims he "fights for those who have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI," he reportedly tried to blame mouthwash for his alleged blood-alcohol level, and he went with the infamous, "Do you know who I am?" line on the arresting officer.

According to Scottsdale PD's arrest log, Smith was arrested on two DUI charges -- impaired to the slightest degree, and blood-alcohol content of .08 or more -- on October 21, near Pima Road and Westland Road.

The Arizona Republic discovered Smith's arrest and reports that a motorist called the cops because Smith's Chrysler 300 was swerving into oncoming traffic, and Smith parked about two or three feet of his car in the roadway after he was pulled over.

After he "stumbled" out of the car and refused field-sobriety tests, "Smith initially inhaled several times" into the breathalyzer, according to the report obtained by the Republic, but he finally exhaled and scored a .137, the paper says.

According to the Associated Press, Smith explained that he didn't drink alcohol, but "only had mouthwash" a couple hours prior. Whether he was chugging or just swishing isn't mentioned.

And, to add the final element of a legendary alleged DUI arrest, Smith reportedly asked the arresting officer, "Do you know who I am?"

Smith's just about done with his time as a state representative, as he got third in his primary race, losing to John Allen and current state Representative Heather Carter.

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Guess the police weren't buying the laws are meant for everyone else but politician's routine.


Mr. Montgomery said here is little likelihood of gaining a conviction, so just let him go. Mr. Montgomery did ask him for a list of his bar buddies, so he could send a "Joe Arpaio for Cher Reef", bumper sticker.


In all fairness, Mr. Hendley, it may be that the question, "Do you know who I am?", may not have been intended as a rhetorical or to make it seem he is someone very important. It may very well be that he suffers some sort of dementia, much like the local county shurf, and simply didn't remember his name at the time, especially since it seems his alligator mouth seemed to be overloading his hummingbird ass. Not to mention the apparently strong and long lasting mouth wash he obtained at a local establishment.


I'm rather surprised Mr. Smith didn't have the officers call the shurf to come by SPD and identify him. His campaign signs indicated the shurf endorsed him in the primary this past summer. That very same primary where Heather Carter kicked his south end out of the race.


Between county sheriffs and state congressmen driving drunk it's starting to give alcohol products a bad reputation.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

He could theoretically pulled a Jan Brewer but even in his alcoholic haze he knew that the legislature is not in session. So, CA (if you dare), throw the book at him.

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