Should Jared Loughner Have Faced the Death Penalty?

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Jared Lee Loughner
Yesterday, it was made official: Jared Loughner's going to die in prison for the Tucson shooting, as was sentenced to seven life terms in prison plus 140 years.

Loughner, who turned 24 in September, was the lone shooter in last year's Tucson shooting that killed six people and injured 13, including former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

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Loughner pleaded guilty a few months ago to 19 federal charges, and as part of the plea agreement, he won't be executed.

He also waived his right to appeal the sentence, so he's in there for good.

Some people have been calling for Loughner's execution throughout this whole thing, which likely would have complicated things.

It's not likely that someone (Loughner) would plead guilty knowing that they would be executed because of it, so that could have put the case to trial -- which probably would've been a spectacle.

County prosecutors could have filed state charges against Loughner, and also sought the death penalty, but they won't be bringing a case against him.

This morning's question: should Loughner have faced the death penalty?

Cast your vote below:

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How much of his penalty should be shared by Arizona's piss-poor mental health system?


it would be more economical to execute him now than to pay for 50 years of housing.   then again, put him in general population and see how long he lasts.


I vote no. Death's too good for someone like Loughner. You'd be doing him a favor by killing him.


Make him well and lock him in a box for the rest of his days, with nothing but the faces of his victims to torment his every thought. Let him die by his own hand when it becomes too much for a sane man to bear.

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