Ron Barber Now Leads Martha McSally; Kyrsten Sinema Widens Gap Against Vernon Parker

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Congressman Ron Barber
Update: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will be headed to Congress, according to the Associated Press.

The vote count is the same as when we checked with the Maricopa County Recorder's office earlier this morning -- Sinema's up nearly 5,800 votes -- but that appears to be a solid-enough lead.
Read the full update on CD-9.

As more votes from CD-9 are counted, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's lead over Republican Vernon Parker continues to increase, as Sinema is now up by nearly 5,800 votes.

There's still a healthy amount of votes left to be counted, but down in CD-2 -- where there are far fewer votes left to be counted -- Democratic Congressman Ron Barber has taken back the lead from Republican challenger Martha McSally.

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In the freshest count from the Maricopa County Recorder, released yesterday, Sinema now has 100,486 votes, to Parker's 94,697, meaning Sinema's taken in nearly 2,000 more votes than Parker just since Friday, when she led by fewer than 4,000 votes.

Yesterday, Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell reported 140,000 early ballots and 122,000 provisional ballots still waiting to be processed and tabulated.

Parker could still pull off a victory, although keep in mind that only a fraction of those remaining votes came from voters within CD-9.

Down in Tucson, the Pima County Elections Department says it has about 30,000 votes left to count, as of yesterday. Most of CD-2 is in Pima County.

That doesn't make Barber's lead of just 330 votes safe by any means. McSally had a lead on Barber until this weekend, and was up by more than 1,200 votes on Wednesday.

Interestingly, if Barber and Sinema were to hold on to their leads, Arizona would be sending more Democrats than Republicans to the House of Representatives. If just one of them loses, then Republicans would have the advantage.

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how do u figure flake wanting to screw with medicare and social security  as a good thing.

not that it matters much put he promised hed quit long before now and now continues indefinelty 

beating up on disabled, old people who depend on medicare and social security to survive

doesnt seem good to me

if theyd cut off foreign aid instead of handing out money to coutries who laff at us and give the chinese top secret technology from us( the disabled helicopter used to attack bin laden) and all they give back is part of it i dont think is a sign of friendship. 

they need to cut off all foreign aid and shut down nasa. i guess its more importanat to send men to the moon 40 years after we did it and make more new spacecraftt than it is to take care of the unemployed homeless old and disabled . not to 


meant now has gone back to pro illegal


barber is old enough to retire. we need people that are younger and more representative of younger voters.

personally im tired of being tired of being represented (not) by a 76 year old senator who flip flops on immigration depending whether hes up for re election during which time he flipped to anti lllegal and is not gone back to pro illegal . apprenlty he thinks its ok to have people in the country that kill ranchers on the border 

Michael Rizzle
Michael Rizzle

apparently she's outta this world....#worstadever......

Jared Slaff
Jared Slaff

Sinema was called by Fox 10 and ABC 15.. Keep up!


The Flake/ Carmona Senator slot was THE only vote that mattered in this election.  Good prevailed over evil for the Senator slot, so we are good.

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