Robert Lheureux Managed to Steal $10,000 Worth of Stuff From a Grocery Store, Police Say

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Robert Lheureux
A Mesa man spent his Thanksgiving managing to steal about $10,000 worth of stuff from a Fry's grocery store.

If you're wondering how it was even possible for 48-year-old Robert Lheureux to allegedly grab $10,000 worth of loot from a grocery store, that's because this particular store had a lot of electronics.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the Fry's grocery store -- not the unrelated Fry's Electronics store -- had TVs, iPods, gaming consoles, and other electronics, which Lheureux allegedly stole after the store closed mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving.

Lheureux was allegedly caught on tape stealing these things, in addition to cash and cigarettes, and while someone identified who he was, his tattoo that was visible on the surveillance footage confirmed his identity, according to court documents.

Lheureux was arrested, but told police he was just in the store to buy some stuff before he left. Again, the store was closed, and a search warrant was signed for his place.

In Lheureux's residence, cops happened to find items such as TVs, iPods, gaming consoles, and a whole lot of cigarettes, according to the documents. Lheureux put most of the alleged evidence in the same trash can, like the shirt he wore during the break-in, as well as the packaging for the aforementioned electronics, several of which had the "Fry's" sticker on them, the documents say.

The "white crystal powder" later identified to be meth was found in a different location of Lheureux's place, according to the documents.

Lheureux's also a convicted felon, so the brass knuckles -- a deadly weapon -- didn't help out Lheureux's situation with the cops. He was also out on bond at the time on a theft charge.

Although Lheureux was arrested on Sunday, he told police he had already sold or traded some of the things he had stolen, and gave police all the details of how he broke into the Fry's, according to court documents.

Lheureux was booked on five felony charges, and is being held without bond, as is almost always the case when someone already on probation is arrested.

On a slightly related note, the highest score we could find from the TV game show Supermarket Sweep was around $2,500.

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You sir, are obviously a retard...  


This is no different that Mexicans who steal from American citizens each and every day so let him out if he is in jail.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan why you clowning on your pops fan boi? I mean, he was just trying to make sure you got a gift for Christmas...


@JoeArpaioFan And no different than Clown Sheriff's that admit to stealing and misusing $100m in jail funds!

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @drgonzo  my guess would be JAF, but either way you cant go wrong   

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