Richard Carmona Concedes U.S. Senate Race to Congressman Jeff Flake

Categories: Election 2012
Jeff Flake.jpg
Congressman Jeff Flake wins Arizona's U.S. Senate Seat
U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona says he has called Congressman Jeff Flake, his opponent in the race, and wished the victor well.

Although not all of the precincts have been counted, Carmona says that he doesn't believe that the remaining votes will be rnough to give him a win.

As of 11 p.m., Carmona owned about 45 percent of the vote, while Flake was at nearly 51 percent.

Carmona told a teary crowd gathered at a Tucson Marriott conference room that he and his team ran a tough race and that they all could walk away with their heads held high.

He said his supporters fought hard because they "wanted to take our state in a more moderate and sensible direction" and "were tired of seeing Arizona focus on birther bills instead of education."

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