Police Seek Girl With Leukemia Who Was Taken From Hospital by Mom

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Police want to find Emily and her mother, Norma, before any problems develop with her heart catheter.

An 11-year-old girl taken from Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night with a catheter still implanted in her heart may die without prompt care, authorities say.

Police aren't sure why Norma, a 35-year-old woman (no last names were released) took young Emily from the hospital, and efforts to find the family have come up dry. Surveillance pictures were released in the hopes that someone from the public will call with information.

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Police released this hospital surveillance photo of Norma, Emily and a little boy leaving the hospital. The girl wasn't ready for discharge yet -- she still has a catheter implanted in her heart.

The girl had been brought to the hospital by her parents, Norma and Luis, for treatment of leukemia. While there, the girl's arm become infected and had to be amputated. A catheter was placed in her heart.

The device, a long, narrow tube used inserted through a blood vessel directly into the heart, helps measure various heart functions. Emily's is out there somewhere, just walking around with one of these in her heart.

On Wednesday night, police say, Norma removed the IV from the catheter and had Emily change into street clothes. Then, along with a little boy, the mom and daughter walked out of the hospital.

Medical officials say that if the catheter isn't removed from Emily's heart, it could become infected, leading to her death.

The family may be driving a black Ford van.

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Poor baby!  Mom should be ashamed of herself.  If anyone sees Emily, please report it to the police so that the catheter can be properly removed.


Hey Ray:

Norma's shirt of choice appears to be prison garb!

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