Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu Gets Another Four Years, According to Early Results

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Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu
As midnight approaches, and Election Night results are still being processed, some races are too close to call.

But it's pretty certain that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will maintain the lead he has all night over his two challengers, Democrat Kevin Taylor and Independent Ty Morgan.

Earlier in the day, Taylor told New Times that he knew that his team ran the best campaign.

"You can't win them all," he said.

WIth 88 out of 102 precincts tallied, Babeu has nabbed 53.46 percent of the vote, about 20 point over Taylor, who sits on 33.83 percent of votes, according to the Arizona Secretary of State website.

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why did citizens choose a pervert to an elected office? babeu needs to quit posting shirtless photos on gay hookup websites. and erected private parts. i heard all lovers and underage are coming out tospeak out.


 I wonder if babeu will offer a job to his lovers same as he did before in 2010. this is documented and will come out in the right moment

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

great, not only do we have a maricopa county sheriff who wont investigate child molestation..... we have a pinal county sheriff who was known to have an affair with a minor, and a governor who's son is the knife point rapist. looks like we are going to have to change our teams mascots to "Chester the Molester"


Paul, I am so happy you are sheriff again. Now I will have time to put out all the evidence on you for the reason why you had to leave the military, all the money gone from mom's credit card's who has Alzheimer's,the cover-up of the croteau boy's murder,,your fake rapes,Shaun Dobbert's suicide and his funneral you never attended, your protection of your rapist brother's, all your young lover's that wrote me asking for help, and your love affair with your brother Shaun.

 And the worst thing is not letting me see my dying mother, and giving orders to dad and the whole family to follow suit. Have a nice night celebrating because karma is a bitch. Lucy Babeu



 Yes, his uderage lovers are starting to come out. First, Paul threatens his uderage lovers to remain quiet and when that does not work, Paul offers them jobs.

You are correct in what you have heard. I hope they continue to come out and tell. Paul tells them he loves them so they won't come forward. Hopefully they will see he is lying when they see him with another lover the very next second. Lucy Babeu


Babeu thinks he is clear of everything. no so fast, the investigation about babe lying to investigators, including false allegation agains his exboyfriend, his attorney Chris DeRose who lied to investagators and Kurt Cusanovich who also lied to investigatores and made up fantasies and threats against babeu's exboyfriend (az republic has evidence). all evidence and true is coming out, regardless of biased investigation by AG



 Paul and his Lawyer Chris DeRose lied to the investigation. They did not reveal all the evidence. First they did not tell the investigations that when they removed Jose commments blogs they blamed them all on me. Second, there is so many more emails out there. Does everyone really think that Paul and Chris had all the evidence against Jose? Poor Jose evidece was not looked into and handled right.. I know, because I too was being threatened by Paul's lawyer and people do communicate. Paul is the stupid one. Lucy Babeu

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