Phoenix Man Loads U-Haul Truck Full of Stuff, Drives a Few Blocks, U-Haul Explodes

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See ya.
Imagine putting just about everything you own in a U-Haul truck to move out-of-state, and just a few blocks after saying goodbye to the old house, the truck explodes.

That's what happened in the area of 51st Avenue and Loop 101 this morning, and the driver's stuff went just about everywhere.

Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos tells New Times that the propane tank from the man's grill is what caused the explosion in the back of the truck.

The man had apparently made it just a few blocks, and was setting off for his new house in another state, Martos says.

Based on photos floatin' around the Internet, the explosion caused the U-Haul truck to turn into a flat-bed truck, and the driver's BMW 3-Series, which was on a carrier behind the truck, sustained some cringe-worthy damage from the blast.



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Ah yes. Think about the trauma of having to move your household elsewhere, hoping the new job will work out ok. Hoping that the new place will actually be vacant and CLEAN when you get there and all you need to do when you get there is unload the truck, move the barbie to the patio, throw on some burgers and have a cool one. Your thoughts are on the end of the trip you've just started when all the sudden all hell breaks loose, stuff flying here and there and it's all you can do to get the truck pulled over, people going by and honking, pointing at you, yelling. You can't hear a thing, but there is a ringing in your ears and you know the shit has definitely hit the fan. What possibly could have gone wrong? Oh, hell, that damn gas line my wife told me three times to disconnect from the tank....


Fortunately no one lost their life.


The rest is material and can be replaced.


Hope he bought the trip insurance, but the claim could well be denied anyway. I'm sure there is a clause covering the foolishness of transporting liquified gas. 

Flyer9753 topcommenter

A true WTF moment


 @number6 If he didn't buy the insurance, he's out the cost of the vehicle.


And to the best of my knowledge, there is no clause covering the foolishness of transporting liquified gas.


I know this because I rent out U-Haul equipment at my place of employment.

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