Paradise Republican Women's Club Fibs About Andrew Thomas, Says Feds "Exonerated" Him; Disgraced Ex-Prosecutor to Speak at Club

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Andrew Thomas, the featured speaker this Saturday at the Paradise Republican Women's Club, wasn't really "exonerated" by the feds, as the club states.

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas may be a political loser, but he's still popular with the women -- of the Paradise Republican Women's Club, anyway.

The venerable Valley club has scheduled Thomas, a failed politician whose abuse of power led this year to disbarment and disgrace, to appear as guest speaker at its annual meeting this coming Saturday.

And get this: The club, in a bio of Thomas linked in its home page, says that a federal grand jury and prosecutors "exonerated" Thomas of wrongdoing.

That, of course, is a total crock.

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An August 31 letter by former acting U.S. Attorney Ann Birmingham Scheel to the new county attorney, Bill Montgomery, made it clear that Thomas was not necessarily exonerated of the allegations. Rather, Scheel indicated that the burden of proof for criminal prosecutions was higher than for the state disciplinary panel that disbarred Thomas.

For example, Thomas was alleged to have committed perjury along with his former sidekick Lisa Aubuchon when they cooked up a bogus criminal complaint against now-retired Maricopa County Judge Gary Donahoe. Thomas and Aubuchon were accused not of misstating facts, which could have made a slam-dunk perjury case, but of misstating the "legal significance" of the facts, Scheel wrote. The subjective nature of the perjury charge meant it would be tough to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, she explained.

Unprosecutable? So Scheel said. But exoneration? No way.

The Paradise Women are looking for love in all the wrong places.

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It is impossible at this point to realy define "guilt" or "innocance" before you address the problems within the whole disciplinary system.  Read the judicial complaint filed on William J. O'Neil, the presiding disciplinary judge who has "convicted" so many.  Should not the individual in this position be beyond reproach.  Well read the complaint and look at the evidence.


Reporters and individuals can say what they want but part of this complaint, specificaly the mortgage short sale issue is under federal investigation by the FHFA among others.  The Arizona Supreme Court needs to clean up their own house.


Usually attorneys have their picture taken with law books behind them, or a backdrop of law books.  Andy seems to not be a lawyer any longer.


Once again, proof that the most gullible people in the nation are republicans. Between the conspiracy theories about Obama and ANYTHING reported on Fox News, the knuckle draggers will believe anything.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter


To: Ray Stern

From: Me


6th graf, line 5: Scheel WRITED?

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