Most Depressing Black Friday Video of 2012?

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Black Friday's a great American pastime in which citizens storm retailers -- most notably Walmart -- fight with each other over low-quality and low-cost goods, and proceed to make YouTube videos of their fellow citizens fighting over the aforementioned goods.

Between the local scene and the rest of the country, it looks like a lot of people made asses of themselves this Black Friday.

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Videos from the five incidents in question can be found here, so pick which one makes you feel most ashamed for your fellow man. (Or, if you love Black Friday, which video features the most competitive, bargain-hunting shoppers?)

Cast your vote below:

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I heard that Butt Crack is the name Arpaio uses when he's incognito.

jonnyquest topcommenter

@shadeaux14 Col. "Bat" Guano and his faithful sidekick, Butt Crack.

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