Marion Patterson III Sentenced to 17 Years for Role in Slaying of ASU Senior Zachary Marco

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Marion Patterson III was sentenced today to 17 years in prison for his role in the October 2010 slaying of 21-year-old ASU student Zachary Marco.

Marion Patterson III, the accomplice of the man who shot and killed Arizona State University senior Zachary Marco, was sentenced today to 17 years in prison.

Marco, 21, was robbed of his laptop in October 2010 by Patterson and another local gang-banger, Louis Harper, who wielded a gun. Rather than simply steal the item, Harper chose to pull the trigger and murder the young college student.

Louis Harper

Harper was sentenced earlier this month to 40 years in prison.

Patterson cut a deal with prosecutors back in February that allowed him to plead guilty to second-degree murder, ensuring a lesser sentence than Harper.

The tragic crime generated plenty of fear and concern at ASU, especially because another student, Kyleigh Sousa, had been murdered during a robbery near the IHOP at College Avenue and Apache Boulevard. The killer in that case, Joseluis Marquez, was found guilty of first-degree murder last month and awaits sentencing in December.

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If the white kid had robbed and killed Patterson all hell would have broken loose and Rev. Sharpton would have been here on a plane to demand riots in the streets but yet there is no outrage when this black man kills a white kid?  For Heaven's sake he robbed the kid and then killed him.  I demand the same riots in the street because he did not get the death penalty. Now can you see why I dislike people like him?


Do any of you want to know what i think of this black person?


We should be hearing from the Rev. Al Sharpton any day now and he will condemn the killers light sentence. Didn't the Black Panther Party call for George Zimmerman's head to be chopped off for killing an unarmed black man in Florida? Well because this innocent kid was unarmed when he was killed the same should apply here.

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