Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Lofty Aspirations


Charges: Driving with a suspended license, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, possession of a weapon in a drug offense, dangerous-drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia

We're going to guess that there's a near-100-percent chance that this guy drove a Pontiac Trans Am T-top at some point in his life. To his credit, it was probably bitchin'.


Charges: Taking contraband into a corrections facility, marijuana possession, DUI, minor in possession of liquor

"You didn't build that?" Get a load of this, Obama. This guy built that.


Charges: Criminal trespassing, failure to pay a fine

Man, we're sure this guy just reeks of cash. So much cash (three dollar signs!?!?!), in fact, that he can't even afford to pay his fines -- ALLEGEDLY.

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"failure to pay fine?"  Debtors prison?  Homeless person gets out of jail, has no phone, no place to shower, no good clothes to apply for job - 1st has to pay $ to get mugshot off all the predatory websites so he has chance at job - but with what $?  So even if he got clean if the only skills he has is selling drugs - he has to do what he knows just to try to get a job - even that prolly won't work cuz nobody knows if he's a snitch . . recidivism guaranteed for CCA.  Promises fulfilled.


At some point society needs to realize that there are only two choices to dealing with societal predators.


One is to lock them up forever at a cost of $20-$40k/yr and the other is to put them down.


Locking them up for a few months and then letting them loose again so they can victimize people and we can spend thousands of dollars tracking them down and prosecuting them again only serves to make money for the criminal justice system (cops, prosecutors, judges, jailers and probation officers) at a terrible cost to society.




Those tattoos are ugly and should be forcefully removed from the inmates. Either they volunteer to have them taken off or they should be tied down and removed with sand paper.

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