Spy on the Maricopa County Elections Department if You Have Nothing Better to Do

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BREAKING NEWS: Paper jam, or something.
If you're bored, and you want to be as bored as you were five seconds ago, we've got the perfect thing for you: watch Maricopa County Elections Department workers tabulate votes -- live.

Maybe you'll be the hero of the community for catching some voter fraud live on the air. Maybe you'll catch the guy in the AC/DC t-shirt picking his nose.

Since '07, it's been state law that "the county recorder or officer in charge of elections shall provide for a live video recording of the custody of all ballots while the ballots are present in a tabulation room in the counting center."

Thus, there are eight camera angles in Maricopa County, three of which just stare at doors.

It sounds like the camera law might be a good idea, but you can't really see close enough to find out what's going on, so it's probably not likely that anyone would catch malicious behavior going on from their computer chair.

According to a timer on the Maricopa County Elections Department video page, we watched this for more than six minutes, and all we saw was professional paper-shuffling.

To be fair, it's way more exciting than Yuma County, where four people are sitting around a table shuffling around a bunch of ballots.

Still, democracy, transparency, yadda, yadda, yadda. Click here for Maricopa County's live videos, or just watch the grass-growing competition below:

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lets trade our transparency for obamas.


"Still, democracy, transparency, yadda, yadda, yadda."

Yes... this county declaring this exceptionally controversial election decided with 400,000 uncounted ballots is just a hiccup. Matthew Hendley's insight? Answer bureaucratic jargon about "transparency" with bloggorhea that further blurs the matter and proposes that... really... we should 'trust' this process which has unmasked itself as fundamentally corrupt..


4:43 p.m. and not one worker.....


It’s shameful that we have so many provisional/unknown ballots and got “F” for technology.     

Kudos for one of the last 2 states.


You would think they would BE COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!! 

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