Lucy Parra Was Out of Tent City for Almost an Entire Day Before Allegedly Abandoning Her Kid at McDonald's

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Lucy Parra
Lucy Parra was released from the Tent City jail Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday night, she was back in the slammer.

The reason for her second trip to jail: allegedly sending her 6-year-old kid inside a McDonald's, then driving away.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Parra, 23, was released from Tent City Tuesday morning after serving a week after her arrest on a warrant for driving on a suspended license.

Parra had her parental rights taken away by CPS, according to the documents, but she picked up her 6-year-old daughter from school that day anyway.

Parra took her kid to eat, then took her shopping, before landing at a McDonald's near 23rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Parra sent the little girl inside, while she drove out of the parking lot, according to court documents.

The 6-year-old girl went looking for her mother, but she was gone, and her car wasn't there either.

Mickey D's employees phoned up by the cops, and after the cops arrived, it was an additional 15 minutes before Parra showed up to get her kid.

After Parra showed up, police eventually found out that Parra left her two other kids with family members.

The problem with that, according to court documents, is that "the family members there did not know they were watching the children."

Parra faces one count of child abuse.

If it's any consolation, that McDonald's location does have "Playplace."

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She did a week in pink on a warrant for driving on a suspended license, then she dropped her child and drove away, returning later while the cops were there (perhaps). I wonder if any of the officers saw her drive in to the McDonalds? I will assume her driver license is still under suspension, unless she got it earlier in the day after she got out of pink. That said, is she now charged with driving under suspension, again? Just wondering...


Another Obama voter !


Hopefully this bar fly will not get out again for a very long time.  And to boot I bet she is an illegal alien which means her baby is an anchor baby.


 @Z-liberator about about about?  You went to school on the Short bus, eh, Libby?

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