John McCain Royally Clowned on Benghazi by Jon Stewart: Remember the WMD (Video)

So, some of the media-types poked fun at Senator John McCain yesterday for comparing the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya to the bin Laden raid.

As for the bigger picture, some people have started asking -- especially after McCain's proposal of a White House "coverup" of the attack appeared to unravel -- if the senator's just playing politics to spite President Obama. Or, as the Daily Show's Jon Stewart asks, hypothetically, "What kind of crotchety, Gran Torino-ish old fuck would be completely unable to get over a simple campaign loss?

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The point of reference on this situation, which was pointed out on the comedy news show, is McCain's involvement in the colossal and deadly lie involving the phrases "Iraq" and "weapons of mass destruction."

McCain's quote on the "well-known facts" of Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction -- and continuing to build his arsenal of them -- is included in the video above, as is a clip of him later voicing his support of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who's taken a good deal of the heat for the claims of WMDs in Iraq.

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud," right?

The state of Arizona's streak of not being related to the butt of a joke on the Daily Show has now been reset to zero days, after making it almost two weeks.

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Gawd, I am so embarrassed, I don't even want to admit I live in Arizona, this state has gone off the deep end, and its as embarrassing as hell.


I think the persistent attack upon Susan Rice is nothing but a cover to deflect the Benghazi dialogue off the Issa (R-CA) - Chaffetz (R-UT) Congressional Committee investigation which aimed to promote a non-existent cover-up by the Obama Administration through investigating security failures and expose contradictions in statements coming from the Obama Administration. The findings of this investigation did not validate the Republican talking points about Benghazi as no cover-up was found. It did, however, do harm to Americans working and living overseas in that the investigation forced the release of State Department communications to include 166 pages of sensitive documents. It also exposed the Benghazi site as a CIA/Libyan operational base, under the guise of a Consular outreach center, thus exposing agents and their allies to the Libyan anti-American factions. This disgraceful, borderline treasonous conduct of the Issa-Chaffetz "investigation" showed not only a serious lapse in judgement of these two Congressmen, as apparently they sought, like Mitt Romney, to ulitize this tragedy for purely personal political advantage, but also showed they did not care about the safety of Americans living and working in Libya. There only concern was to promote the Republican Party talking points for its own aggrandizement by finding unsubstantiated fault with the Obama Administration. McCain et al.'s actions appear to have subsumed the Issa/Chaffetz investigative dialogue to a marginal and non-important footnote, one the American public is no longer outrage about nor discussing. Both Issa and Chaffetz should be held accountable for the treason they committed. So should McCain et al. be held accountable for their role in covering up treasonous behavior by fellow Congressmen. IMHO, the behavior of these elected officials is despicable, hypocritical, and utterly contemptuous of the American people.


Does anyone know what he has ever done for Arizona oa the United States other then get himself captured?

He was probably drunk when he was captured.

ExpertShot topcommenter

I helped Harry Braun run against McCain in his first run for office.  McCain was a lousy bastard then and still is.  I remember that I approached McCain at one his campaign events in my best long-haired hippy outfit and presented him with a loaf of "Peace Bread" (Essene makes a wonderful sprouted wheat bread).  He just took it and handed it to his wife.  When I said "welcome home" (a traditional Rainbow Family greeting), he got this real puzzled look on his face and then got a broad smile. I think he thought I was talking about welcoming him home from Vietnam.  Anyway, if the dems had backed Harry we wouldn't have to be talking about this crazy old fart anymore.  BTW - You know how McCain got "busy" in the Navy supplying alcohol and drug fueled parties for his fellow officers, he's done that in the Congress too - complete secrecy is his motto.  


"Old Man Screams At Clouds"

I'm surprised he actually showed up at the meeting.  He's not known for that generally, although he has been known to suspend his campaign and go rushing back to DC to help then President GW Bush straighten out the economy. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

John McShame ... an embarrassment to the USA.


@chsp943 Yeah, hes making sure to cut off earmarks, especially for Az, what a great Senator, NOT!

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