Jerald Newman, Bloodied at Black-Friday Walmart Sale by Buckeye Cop, Files Lawsuit in Time for Holidays

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Jerald Newman filed a lawsuit today against the Town of Buckeye and the police officer who knocked him to the ground during a Black-Friday sale.

Jerald Newman, the California grandpa bloodied by a Buckeye cop during a Black-Friday sale at a Walmart last year, alleges false arrest and assault against the officer in a lawsuit filed today.

Newman became a symbol of Black Friday chaos last year after the well-publicized incident.

Buckeye police officials said Officer Kevin Rorke used proper force against Newman, who was alleged to have shoplifted an on-sale video game. But video taken by shoppers shocked he public: Newman was slammed to ground so hard he lost consciousness for a moment while bleeding from a head wound.

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The lawsuit, filed in Maricopa County Superior court, says the state Department of Public Safety recommended charges be filed against Rorke. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office never filed charges against either Rorke or Newman.

Newman's suing Rorke and the Town of Buckeye, claiming the November 24, 2011 incident caused emotional distress for him, his wife and grandson. The boy, who's being raised by the couple, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail two days after his grandpa's arrest that people should never go to Walmart on Black Friday, "because if you go, you will get hurt."

As Valley Fever reported in June, Newman had previously filed a $500,000 claim against the town.

Newman's mug shot after the November 24, 2011 incident at the Buckeye Walmart.

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Scot Koontz
Scot Koontz

This guy is an idiot...if you fought the law, the law wins...translation, they are trained to get you to comply, or stuff happens...he deserves everything he got, and if he wasn't stealing something, this wouldn't have happened...I Hope hope hope the judge understands that...I would have done the same had I seen him stealing something from some watch out for me too you criminals out there!

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Justin Zerø: Thanks for the heads-up. Should be better now.

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones

Black Shoppers are stupid. Seriously. Man-up and pay the extra $25 and buy it the week before.

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