Is Jeff Flake a Libertarian in Any Sense of the Word?

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Republican Congressman/U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake.
Yesterday, we told you about an online advertisement targeting Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Marc Victor, which says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid really wants Libertarians to vote for Victor.

"Every morning, Harry Reid wakes up, eats his breakfast, and says a little prayer that Libertarians will vote for Marc Victor," the ad we found on Facebook says. "Harry is desperate to keep the Senate. And, polling at less than 5%, he knows that a vote for Marc Victor is really a vote for Richard Carmona."

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Basically, the ad asks that Libertarians vote for Republican Jeff Flake instead of "throw[ing] your votes away."

However, in Victor's opinion, Flake's not all about the liberty.

"Jeff Flake is pretending to be a Libertarian, pretending to be for freedom and free markets," he said.

"He can't even come out against the drug war," Victor continues. "For me, that's the easiest thing to come out against."

Victor said he might end up taking votes from both candidates, since he believes he's stronger on some lefty issues -- like civil liberties -- than Carmona.

Based on what you know about Flake, is there anything that makes you think he's got some libertarian in him?

Cast your vote below:

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 37% of those polled think that Jeff Flake is a Libertarian in any sense of the word.  I would like to have someone in that 37% make the case for Jeff Flake in the comments.  


Flake is only a libertarian when he's in a room full of libertarians, like his chameleon cousin, Mittens, he always claims to be the same color as his surroundings. When he is with his fellow republicans, he closely resembles a walking, talking, POS


I would like to think that after 12 years I would be able to run on my record...


For those folks who answer yes, I'd love to hear a "Why do you think Jeff Flake should be considered a Libertarian in any sense of the word?" explanation.  Double word score if you call Jeff Flake's congressional office and ask them "Is Jeff Flake a Libertarian in Any Sense of the Word?".  Triple word score if you report the answer back here in the comments.


 @VoteSplitter I tell people all the time, I am not really asking anyone to vote for me. I am talking about freedom, if people like my message they are certainly welcome to do so, but I am not asking anyone to vote for me. I have not really run a campaign...I am just talking and there are people that like what I have to say and there are some that don't.

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