How Would You Rate the Difficulty of Escaping From MCSO Custody, on a Scale of 1-10?

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Keep this in mind: an overwhelming majority of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office inmates never escape from jail.

Also, keep this in mind: some guy dressed up milk cartons in his jail uniform, climbed through the ceiling, and apparently jumped over a fence in his underwear at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

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Adan Orduno was caught about nine hours after his escape from the psychiatric unit, when he apparently thought he'd be meeting up with his ex-fiance, and instead met with an undercover MCSO detective.

Other sophisticated escape plans, in just the last year, include getting pushed out of jail in a laundry cart, and just walking out of jail after swapping wristbands and pretending to be someone else.

Based on these elaborate schemes, how would you rate the perceived difficulty of escaping from an MCSO jail on a scale of 1-10, with "10" being the most difficult?

Cast your vote below:

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If an inmate wants to scape from any MCSO jail , he just have to not look at the DO that

way he wont look at him when he scapes, is that eazy.


I was in san quentin in 1980   when what was dubbed as the rub a dub caper inmates made a raft out of raincoats ,,,,and paddled away two were caught  1 still free ...Where there's a will there's a way , You have to understand CO don't have that great a salary ........Temptation is always there to make money .  Regardless of what it is drugs .sex (conjugal visits) even C O's giving it up Joe thinks he has problems? He's running a kindergarten here compared to California . I think he is the most corrupt official in Arizona and don't care for him one bit ......that aside .........Hey jaf your still leaving skid marks in your panties .  your mom says to ask you to stop so         Stop. And wipe the mayo off your face you look disgusting with that dribble>


If it were Penzone's jail instead this escape would have still happened but you wouldn't blame him like you're blaming Arpaio now would you? Inmates have escaped from higher security facilities before so don't keep blaming Sheriff Joe for it. Button your lip.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

since one guy just walked out.........i'd say lets ask him

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol well ill say this..any normal person with the history of problems and ineptitude of MCSO under Joe certainly wouldnt keep their job...theyd get shit canned. 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

 @NaughtyLisa i thought i just saw where he was still at large. not the guy who just got out or the guy in the laundry basket

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