Explosion Reported at Casa Grande Social Security Office

An explosion was reported this morning at about 8:30 a.m. at the Casa Grande Social Security Administration building.

According to an Associated Press report, the small explosion happened near the back entrance to the office building. No injuries were reported.

The Casa Grande Police Department directed all questions to the ATF, which has taken over the investigation along with the FBI.

A message left with an ATF press officer was not immediately returned.

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The suspect(s) responsible are either illegal aliens upset they cannot get Social Security or Democrats who are angry that they can't get a bigger check every month.  Don't blame a Republican.


WTFH?????? Seriously? "Casa Grand?" 

You'd think someone with the last name Rodriguez would know how to pronounce the word "Grande." 

It is pronounced Gron-de, not Grand, PLEASE "Celeste Rodriguez," show some pride in your state and your obvious hispanic culture and stop talking like some 65 year old snow bird from Wisconsin.



You'd think someone who uses the internet would know how to check before he/she made a fool of him/herself. It's pronounced Grand....period. If you doubt me check the city website and listen to any of the videos on it.

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