Erik Enriquez-Leon Tried to Bring Some Ammo Back to Mexico (5,440 Rounds)

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For the second time in just a couple of weeks, federal law-enforcement officers have found someone headed for Mexico with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

This week, Customs and Border Protection officers allegedly found 5,440 rounds of ammo in the vehicle of 21-year-old Erik Raul Enriquez-Leon, of Nogales (Mexico).

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Enriquez was headed through the Nogales port from the U.S. side on Wednesday when his Mitsubishi Eclipse was picked for additional inspection, according to CBP.

The agency says 272 boxes of ammo -- "the type often used in assault weapons" -- were hidden in both of his car's rear quarter-panels.

According to a federal complaint, they were 7.62×39mm rounds.

These rounds are the same caliber as about half of the 66,000 rounds found in a woman's car by Border Patrol agents a few weeks ago. That woman was stopped Papago Farms, on the Tohono O'odham Nation, and was also carrying six firearms with her, according to records.

As for Enriquez, the federal complaint against him says didn't declare the ammunition, and later told officers he knew it was illegal to transport ammo to Mexico without a license to export it.

Enriquez told officers that he picked up the ammo from a warehouse on the Arizona side of the border, and was going to deliver it to "unknown individuals" in Mexico, the complaint states.

A detention hearing for Enriquez hasn't yet been held, according to federal court filings.

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guys i am down here in mexico on family business and let me tell you the laws are strict on gun control and the citizens are weary of it and obey. actually more scared of law enforsemnet than the "sicarios" as they are called. the only ones that carry guns are thebad guys. heck you cant even carry a small knife on you. seriously, cops can take possesion of your vehicle , property and practically whatever they want without getting in any trouble. corruption is rampant. so what i read of the few incidents of so called bad cops there, consider yourselves blessed.


u mean holder and obama and napalatiano didnt run to his aid ??? whats up are they getting slow in their old age?

i wonder how long napalatano went along with former head of ice putting 3 mens offices and phones in the mens room ?>


Why say alleged? he did it, he's guilty now take him to court and find him guilty.


Nice to think that all of that ammo and weaponry was bought legally here in the US. The only crime was trying to take it into Mexico, which has real gun laws.


@number6 Yep. Good, solid gun laws are why only the corrupt and the criminal have guns. Smart, liberal thinking.

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