Election Day 2012: Pick the Arizona Upset

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It's November 6 (6 de Noviembre), which means it's Election Day, folks.

Many people already voted with the early ballots, but today's the day that we get to find out who the winners are, and who's going to be running the joint for the next few years.

For this morning's poll, pick the race that you expect to be the most surprising "upset" that will actually happen.

The candidates are President Obama over Mitt Romney in Arizona, Democrat Richard Carmona over Republican Jeff Flake for Senate, Democrat Paul Penzone over Republic Joe Arpaio for Maricopa County Sheriff, or Republican Vernon Parker over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in CD-9.

Cast your vote below:

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Ryan D Russell
Ryan D Russell

I don't predict any upsets. This is AZ. We are surrounded by Republican zombies.

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