Election Day 2012: Did Any of the Results Genuinely Surprise You?

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While it appeared that many of New Times' readers were favoring a big upset in Arizona in one race or another, none of them appeared to have happened.

A few of the congressional races still need to be ironed out, but Mitt Romney took Arizona, Congressman Jeff Flake's moving on to the U.S. Senate, Sheriff Joe Arpaio won yet another term, and it's just another day in the desert.

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Most of the election results across the state -- with exception of a handful of state legislative races, and as many as three congressional races -- were predictable, although a few were interesting.

Terry Goddard is an elected official again? Interesting. None of the controversial ballot propositions passed? Interesting. Embattled Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was re-elected as Sheriff? Sigh. Kind of interesting.

What might be surprising, though, are the three tight congressional races. Early (very early) this morning, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick took back the lead from Republican Jonathan Paton in northern Arizona's CD-1, and Kirkpatrick was leading by more than 6,000 votes with nearly all the precincts reporting, which was way different than our earlier check (from late last night).

In CD-2, Republican Martha McSally was still hanging on to the lead over Democratic Congressman Ron Barber during our most recent check (around 2:30 a.m.), which showed McSally up by 1,312 votes with all the precincts reporting.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was still hanging on to her lead over Republican Vernon Parker at that time, leading by 2,101, at that time.

In all three races -- maybe less in CD-1 -- it might be a safe bet to wait until the results are official to declare a winner.

Either way, did any of the races in Arizona turn out much different than you expected, and genuinely surprised you?

Cast your vote below, and feel free to tell us which race(s) in the comments section:

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Surprised by Obama/Flake. It's difficult for me to gage which way it is going to go - I may feel surrounded by rabid Romneyites and & I may agree with these guys; KEY & PEELE DUNK THE VOTE 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-WPDmyQ4gM - sheesh in my neighborhood people put empty chair in driveway to show solidarity with Clint . . . Personally when Uncle John, Pastor John, Bubba John or John Doe tries to sway my vote with baseless allegations but telling me it's good for me - oh no - I don't trust those Johns - I have innate autonomic disgust factor that turns on - but obviously that cheezy insulting ad worked for the flack er flake. Good I don't make campaign ads cuz I NEVER would have approved that one.


I love whenever a bleeding-heart, Liberal's guy loses, then it must be because of all of us Hitler lovers who re-elected "our" guy. Then realize that you live in Hitlerland and you're not wanted here and please move somewhere more ideal to you? It's pretty easy to see you don't fit here?


Unfortunately "No". Where are all the reasonable, intelligence voters? Much less than 50%, that is for sure. If Hitler or Mussolini had conservative "R" after their names, they could be elected in Arizona. Arpaio, Mechem, Brewer, Babeu, Allen, etc., et. al.


I really didn't believe that the voters in Maricopa County would be corrupt enough to re-elect a pig like Arpaio. But I guess they see something of themselves in him-fear and hate.


I was surprised that Kyrsten Sinema appeared to prevail over Vernon Parker though I really shouldn't.  Mr. Parker was the black Republican version of Barack Obama without the advantage of having the mainstream media on his side.  I can only hope that Sinema votes more like Raúl Grijalva than the completely uninspiring Ed Pastor while in office.

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