Edgar Garcia of Mesa Admits to Sexually Molesting Stepdaughters Over 12 Years, Cops Say

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Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Edgar Garcia, 32, was booked into jail on Wednesday on suspicion of molesting and raping his step-daughters over a 12-year period.

Two brave women, aged 16 and 20, showed up at the Mesa Police Station on October 30 with a shocking tale: They'd been sexually abused by their stepfather, Edgar Garcia, for the past 12 years.

They told of a series of rapes and molestations that began when the 20-year-old was "8 or 9," and the younger sister was 4. Garcia, now 32, would have been 20 during the first incidents. They described being forced to submit to intercourse, oral sex, and unwanted touching at various times over the years.

On Tuesday, following extensive police interviews, the 16-year-old made a "confrontation call" with Garcia, now 32. Garcia admitted to having sex with both girls, telling the teen "he was sorry and that he was being stupid," court documents say.

Mesa police arrested him on Wednesday at his home near Broadway and Sossaman roads.

In detention and after being read his rights, Garcia confessed that he'd seen his stepdaughters as "sexually attractive to him" for about 12 years, records state. He downplayed some of his actions, but he reportedly said plenty to incriminate himself, including adding several incidents the girls hadn't mentioned.

His rebuttals sound horrifying and unbelievable, as in, "He said he did touch her vagina with his hand when she was 9 but he did not remember her covering her face with a pillow." And "he said that the blister occurred before he began rubbing on her vagina with his hand."

He also reportedly admitted to various sexual acts including receiving oral sex from the younger woman when she was 10.

Garcia was booked into jail on suspicion of 10 counts of sexual conduct with a minor under 15, one count of sexual conduct with a minor by a step-parent and four counts of sexual abuse of a minor under 15.

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typo, I meant "JAF relative"


This PoS might be JAF relatime or himself.


This is terrible.....where is the mother...he has taken everything fron these poor girls..may he get what he deserves with the big boys behind bars...sick


Hmm, pics or it didnt happen!



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American Family Values 


Typical Red State Repuglycan perversions.

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What a sicko. He should be tortured and buried for dead in the desert. Who'd ever miss him? Nobody!


After confessing out in the desert, one bullet one kill!


I see they finally caught up with my son.



Nice assumptions again..... and I still love that Grammar you have. One of a kind stupid.

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 @JoeArpaioFan Jaffy, you need to make sure your master sees this story so he'll have some idea how sexual assault cases should be dealt with.

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