Dumbest Idea of the Week: Andy Thomas, Secessionists, or Holly Solomon?

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There were a lot of strange ideas proposed this week around the state, like the Governor Jan Brewer's thought that she can run for a third term -- even though the state constitution says two -- and Joe Arpaio's declaration that he's distributing automatic weapons to deputies because too many people are running from them.

Some of these ideas, though, are just plain dumb: a disbarred and disgraced former county attorney thinks he could become governor, thousands of people want to see Arizona secede, and a woman ran over her husband with her car because she thinks he's responsible for President Obama's re-election.

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For this morning's poll, vote for the dumbest idea of the week. Here are your three candidates:

  • Andrew Thomas

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew "Candy Andy" Thomas, who was disbarred earlier this year for abusing his power, is thinking about running for governor. According to the county GOP, Thomas "is considering running for Governor. He can be reached at (602) 803-1586 (cell.)." Even Republicans are asking if Thomas is delusional, even though they already know the answer (see: Andrew Thomas carrying around wood).

  • Secessionists

A whole bunch of jackasses (more than 21,500) think Arizona should be allowed to secede and start its own government. It took us about 10 minutes to think of a few ways that would never happen -- ever. However, if it were to happen, New Times readers voted to call it the "Republikkk of Dumbfuckistan."

  • Holly Solomon

Mesa resident Holly Solomon thinks it's her husband's fault that President Obama was re-elected last week, because he didn't vote. Not only does Solomon, 28, have a thorough misunderstanding of our nation's electoral system, she also ran over her husband with her car because of this, according to Gilbert police. "According to Daniel, Holly believed her family was going to face hardship as a result of President Obama's re-election," Gilbert police said. Her husband may be permenantly disfigured because of this, according to the cops.

So, which one of these ideas was the absolute dumbest?

Cast your vote below:

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Well wek know exactly where you were for 6 months wherewasi, if you read and watched every event with the Thomas disbarment hearings.  Seriously doubt you read everything, thoousand of pages of documents ....  well unless you wrote them.  I am a little disapointed in you though, you present yourself as a learned, educated person but resort to slanderous name calling and over the top statements to distract from the point.  The child like behaviour some people posess is a little disapointing to say the least, show a little decorum and ethical integrity.


My point and only point is that two wrongs dont make a right.  Regardless of whether Thomas did anything wrong or not everyone is entitled to a fair hearing with an unbias judge.  If you read the documents I posted earlier you should come to the conclusion that William J. O'Neil, the Presiding Disciplinary Judge has some very serious ethical issues and that brings about the absolute possibility Thomas did not recieve a fair hearing.  Now there is evidence comming out that O'Neil lied in statements regarding prior envolvement in cases regarding the whole disbarment issue.


O'Neil has a judicial complaint filed against him regarding issues when he was a Superior Court Judge in Pinal County.




O;Neil did not disclose his close personal relationship with the public member Robert Gallo who sat on at least 5 seperate hearings with O'Neil.  They are close friends and next door neighbors, Gallo in one case was listed as being from Maricopa County.  None of this was disclosed to the defendents in any of the cases.




Wherewasi read the documents, read the cases better, see the abuse of power, with an learned person name calling does not change the facts.



I'm rather surprised at how evenly this poll is split.


Let make the playing field level, did Andrew Thomas recieve a fair hearing, which we are all entitled to?  Read the complaint filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct against William J. O'Neil, our presiding Disciplinary Judge which among other things alleges mortgage/shortsale fraud, falsifying public records, manipulating court proceedings.  Read the complaint and READ the documents included, you decide.




If that is not bad enough on at least 5 hearings O'Neil held, the citizen pannel member, Robert Gallo was O'Neils next door neighbor.  That was not disclosed to the defendents and further in one of the hearings it lists the Gallo as a resident of Maricopa County.  Was O'Neil trying to stack the pannel?  Look at the evidence, it speaks for itself.





Talking about seccession, I'm thinking of going to the Texas petition and signing it.  In fact, I'm thinking of starting an entirely new petition asking President Obama to kick Texas out of the Union.


Actually, I think secession is a great idea> I'm really anxious to see how the new RepubliKKK of Dumbfuckistan does with all the rednecks and their astute political ability. I also can't wait to see their new three dollar bill with a picture of Jaffy on it.


Wow! With that list, it's hard to choose. If there is one thing Arizona has no shortage of, it's crazy.


Well you can't spell crazy without AZ.

wherewasi topcommenter


 Well, I for one watched Thomas and Arpaio and their winged monkeys wreak havoc throughout Maricopa County and abuse the powers of their offices for years, and then watched almost all of the bar hearings and read every page of every report and memo.  I feel Candy Andy, Lovely Ms. Lisa and The Blog Queen got a more than fair shake.  They are lucky they aren't behind bars.  The only injustice I see is that Arpaio bought a tiny majority of the vote for his 6th term with millions of out-of-state dollars that shouldn't, in my opinion, be used to inflict suffering on the people of Maricopa County, when he should have been standing trial himself.  Unfortunately, he's a natural at feining numb-skullery and his "I don't recall" testimony played well with the blue-hairs who also suddenly couldn't recall what an ass Arpaio is when it was time to head to the polls last week.


Andrew Thomas is history.  Period. 


I've started a petition asking that Texas be removed from the United States.  I'm tired of and annoyed with their continued veiled and not so veiled threats about wanting to secede.  They want to go - I'm willing to push them out.


Sign my petition:  http://wh.gov/X9J1

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