Dumb Reasons Pinal County Residents Call the Cops: "A Man Was Playing a Saxophone"

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Unbelievably, not a 9-1-1 call in Pinal County.
Deputies at the Pinal County Sheriff's Office have a tough job: they have to take orders from Captain Underpants Sheriff Paul Babeu, they have to wrangle all of those illegals Babeu talks about on TV, and they have to deal with the rest of the stuff reported to PCSO -- like the person who called to report that "a man was playing a saxophone."

What we're saying is, some people call the cops for the dumbest reasons, and we've found some very dumb stuff that people in Pinal County phone into the Sheriff's Office.

The Southeast Valley Ledger publishes PCSO's weekly crime log, which just includes a sentence with the "what," the "when," and if someone's arrested, the "who" -- you can find the reports from the last couple of months by clicking here.

Or, you can keep reading this post, as we've cherry-picked the dumbest -- or in some cases, legitimate, but weird -- reasons people have phoned up the Sheriff's Office, just over the last month. Enjoy.

  • Mud speed bumps were reportedly placed in the street near the 3900 block of Rolling Ridge

  • A woman in San Tan Valley reported that someone had tapped her phone line and had been listening to her conversations, she refused to give more information over the phone. There was no signs of tampering with her phone line

  • A woman contacted PCSO to report a domestic disturbance saying her husband refused to give her the keys to the car so she can leave. PCSO responded to the 28000 block of N. Silver Ln and it was determined that the husband would not give his wife the keys because she had been drinking. The woman agreed to lie down and sober up

  • There was a general disturbance near the 700 block of W Empire Rd where a man was playing a saxophone while listening to Hip Hop music

  • There was a incident of reckless driving near Ocotillo Rd and N. Taylor St. where a pickup truck would not let another vehicle pass.

  • There was a general disturbance near the 5500 block of E. Vista Grande where someone was playing loud music come from a gold car. After the deputy left the music was allegedly turned up louder.

  • An incorrigible juvenile was reported near the 1200 block of E. Silktassel Trl. when a mother called PCSO to have them remove her seven year old daughter from the home because she throws temper tantrums and the family can't stand it any more. The woman claimed her life was in danger because she is fed up and thinks CPS will file a claim that she is abusing her daughter.

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Last week Ms. Silverman wrote about "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo."

With the sillyness caused on KFYI radio this morning by Babeu hacks Tim Gaffney and Blake King, Amy needs to write about a much more serious topic: "HERE CUMS HORNY BOO-BOO!"

Months ago we learned that PIO Gaffney has his mother proofread and edit his work for Babeu. Today we learned that Blake King isn't smart enough to turn off Caller ID on his cell phone before he mades rude, anonymous calls to KFYI.

Two clowns molded in the likeness of their master Babeu, the modern-day Emperor who had no clothes.


No wonder Babeu was reelected, the voters are as whacked out as he is.


You missed one of the major duties of the Pinal County SO.  Harassing and filing false reports and charges against citizens who complain about Babeau or one of his buds


omg that is some funny shit. I think from now on NT should post a weekly article covering these rediculous calls in place of the weekly article exploiting Maricopa county inmates by showing their mugshots. All in favor say "I"....."I".


Typical Republican whiners. An ol' geezer GOPer would normally phone in the Shurf to bitch about someone blasting Hip Hop music. That is what I'm guessing in the case of the saxophone player.



Why is babeu hiding now, if he used to be in every tv station? he is afraid his exboyfriend comes up with the truth and reveal the lies of paul babeu, chris derose, kurt cusanovich. the investigation was biased. sooner than later the truth will come out with a real investigation, not a cover up of tom horne and allies, including babeu

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