Deputy Steven Carpenter Put Back on Street by Sheriff's Office Until Nov. 8 Despite Role in North Dakota Assault Case; Abrahamson Posts Bond

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Detective Tim Abrahamson posted a $10,000 bond today in Cass County, North Dakota, related to his alleged beating of his wife's ex-lover.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Deputy Steven Carpenter was put back on the street despite his role in helping another deputy commit an assault in North Dakota.

Carpenter drove with Detective Tim Abrahamson on September 16 to North Dakota, and possibly all the way to the West Fargo home of Jason Swart, the man who had slept with Abrahamson's wife. Once at the home, Abrahamson allegedly created a ruse to distract Swart, then pummeled him severely. Swart lost part of an ear in the attack.

It's not clear yet if Carpenter was in the vehicle Abrahamson had rented when the attack took place. But if so, it means that Carpenter didn't just drive with Abrahamson -- he helped stake out the place and stood by as the assault occurred.

In any case, Carpenter certainly knew plenty: Cass County prosecutors in North Dakota gave him legal immunity so he could tattle on Abrahamson.

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Authorities suspected Abrahamson soon after the assault and contacted the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Abrahamson was put on paid leave at first. On November 7, he was arrested on a North Dakota warrant and put on unpaid leave by the Maricopa Sheriff's Office.

Carpenter, however, wasn't put on administrative leave until November 8, the Sheriff's Office tells New Times.

We wanted to know why he was back on the streets from September through the time he was put on leave, but the Deputy Joaquin Enriquez, a Sheriff's Office spokesman, could tell us no more. He couldn't even say if Carpenter was put on paid or unpaid leave, or whether the Sheriff's Office was planning to investigate Carpenter for possible policy violations.

"We're not going to talk about it" because of the pending investigation of Abrahamson, Enriquez says.

Meanwhile, Abrahamson -- once a key detective in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's corrupt anti-corruption task force -- posted a $20,000 bond to get out of Maricopa County jail, then went to North Dakota for a hearing today in Cass County District Court before Judge John Irby.

Prosecutor Ryan Younggren asked Irby to require Abrahamson to post another $20,000 bond, but Irby required the detective to post half that amount. Abrahamson, who lives in Arizona, will have to travel back and forth to make his future court dates.

Younggren told the court that it was "heartbreaking" to have a law officer as a defendant, but worried that Abrahamson's "knowledge of the system" could mean that he won't return for all the court heaings, according to the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead.

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I'm sure he'll get that promotion now too from Saggy Nuts Arpaio

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

so if Carpenter had all this info to give up for immunity, it probably means he was in on the planning of this as well. wouldnt that be conspiracy? so we have 2 cops conspiring to commit violent crime in another state, crossing state lines and commiting a violent assault, and we reward him by letting him continue to ENFORCE THE LAW? WTF????? why not just recruit the sex crimes investigators straight out of prison? there are murderers we could recruit for our violent crimes task force too


So...Abrahamson gets a paid vacation AFTER he is reported as a suspect by ND police in a violent assault.  Carpenter goes back on the street even though  he is granted IMMUNITY from prosecution by ratting out Abrahamson.  Yet the MACE unit (aka Abrahamson) tailed, stopped and then handcuffed an elected official and did the televised "perp walk" based on what they said was "probable cause" of white collar crime?

This is outrageous.  It sounds to me that once they were notified of Abrahamson's status as a suspect, all bets would have been off for a "paid vacation", probable cause was already established, and he would have been placed, immediately, on unpaid leave awaiting instruction from North  Dakota.  And Carpenter?  Really?  Back on the street while he was suspected of involvement in this assault?  Enough so that he was granted immunity?

Joe Arpaio and MCSO  still  have a TON of problems to deal with here.  And the public is clearly not  safe from this kind of an organization.   People in Maricopa County need to rise up to this and make themselves heard.


Thugs w/ badges, typical MCSO.


Hello, AZPOST????? Are u there???

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