David Goodrich Accused of Killing Roommate's Dog; He Says It Was "Obviously Dead" After He Stepped on It

David Goodrich
David Goodrich told police in Tempe that he "accidentally" stepped on his roommate's dog.

The dog was "obviously dead" after this, Goodrich, 25, told the cops, but the fact that Goodrich was still wiping blood off the floor when his roommate got home -- among other factors -- has police thinking that's not exactly what happened.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the dog's owner came home on Saturday, and saw Goodrich in the process of cleaning up the blood.

The dog itself was missing, and Goodrich didn't give the police any great details, according to a probable-cause statement.

According to court documents, Goodrich admitted to "accidentally stepping" on the dog's head. At that point, the dog was "obviously dead," and Goodrich said he "freaked out."

Goodrich didn't go into detail about what he meant by his statement that he "freaked out," and police say he changed his story several times anyway.

The dog still hasn't been found, according to the documents.

Goodrich -- who is identified as a drug addict in court documents -- was booked into jail on a felony count of animal cruelty.

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why can't this guy accidently die in Arpaio's jail?


He's lucky he didn't live with me.... f*cker!


So what kind of pooch was it? You can't literally have brain splatter simply by "accidentally" stepping on a dog. No doubt the junkie beat the dog to a bloody pulp.

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