Daily Show Hits the "Meth Lab of Democracy" Again to Show Government Gridlock Isn't Bad

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Yet again, Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart found a reason to hit up Arizona -- or the "meth lab of democracy," as its host calls it.

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While the party makeup of Congress essentially is the same, people are complaining about the "gridlock" that's presumably going to take place for the next couple of years.

Leave it to the Daily Show to provide an example of government not being so great without gridlock -- in Arizona, of course.

With the Republicans' supermajority at the Legislature last time around, Democratic state Senator David Schapira provided a few examples of what can get done without "gridlock": a state gun, stopping a United Nations conspiracy, and giving doctors the option to just not tell pregnant women about any birth defects their child may have.

Of course, there's also mention of S.B. 1070.

It's also hilarious, so enjoy.

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Avery Marx
Avery Marx

laughingstock only if you and the rest of the country took this show seriously. at least the popular vote still reigns supreme in local elections, skip that electoral college bullshit.

Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Jackson

A stereotype is based on truth no matter how wrong it is.

David Robinson
David Robinson

I get its a comedy show, but they could at least be accurate.

Gerry Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

You're the West. What do you care what east coast stooges think of you?

Gerry Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

I'm from California and I like Arizona way better than the Daily Show or that government dupe Stewart.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

ROFL!!! That was good!


Yeah our state has a pretty fucked up legislature... let's fix that in '14


BTW - If you didn't see it, GED Gin Jan is going to try to get another term, claiming that since she was not elected to the first one, the AZ Constitution limits do not apply.


She needs to be the first one to go IMHO

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol theyve got a point..the only economic bill they passed was a 25% decrease in capital gain taxes...not ONE bill to help the middle class in our state

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