Arizona's Congressional Elections: Good, Bad, and Ugly

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  • The Ugly

Republican Trent Franks v. Democrat Gene Scharer

Congressman Trent Franks has gotten close to losing an election exactly zero times in his five victories. He won by fewer than 20 percentage points once (19.73 in 2006). Sure, the west Valley district is a little different than in previous years, but let's not kid ourselves.

Democrat Ed Pastor v. Just about nobody

Someone is running against Congressman Pastor, and although the Republicans didn't throw a candidate at him, there is Libertarian candidate Joe Cobb. The "L-word" still scares the pants off a lot of Republicans, and Pastor's had this in the bag for quite some time.

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I'm the candidate of the Americans Elect party in the Fourth Congressional District against Rep. Gosar and the semi-literate Democratic nonentity.  I ran to give myself an intelligent person to vote for.


By the way, you have an error in saying that Fifth District Democratic candidate Spencer Morgan has "the gonads to run against Gosar."  Although less euphonious, you clearly meant "against Salmon," although a nice pun about swimming upstream might have worked in the service of accuracy.


It's depressing to see the Village Voice logo above my comment as I write this.  As a kid in Brooklyn in the 1960s, the Voice was my guide to the world I wanted to live in, and I worked at the Voice in the mid-1970s.  To see that once-great journalistic name associated with this chazerai creeps me out.

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