Arizona's Congressional Elections: Good, Bad, and Ugly

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  • The Bad

CD-6: Republican David Schweikert v. Democrat/Independent Matt Jette

Congressman Schweikert's reelection came a couple months ago, after defeating fellow freshman Congressman Ben Quayle in a primary battle. Jette made the ballot as a Democrat, although he's since changed his party affiliation to independent. Schweikert could have been sitting on his couch eating Fritos for the past month instead of campaigning, and he still would win this election easily.

CD-4: Republican Paul Gosar v. Democrat Johnnie Robinson

The easiest way to explain this is that Gosar is a sitting Republican congressman who didn't say anything profoundly stupid to make national news, and Robinson's new to the game in a Republican district. Yawn.

CD-5: Republican Matt Salmon v. Democrat Spencer Morgan

Morgan's name is one of those we discovered this morning on the Secretary of State's website, and Salmon -- a former Congressman -- is another guy who probably won after defeating Kirk Adams in the primary for this east Valley district. Salmon's got the support of all the big Republicans in Arizona, and he's fairly well-known around here. Morgan's just 26 years old, and while we appreciate the gonads to run against a guy like Salmon, he probably doesn't have high hopes for himself, either.

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I'm the candidate of the Americans Elect party in the Fourth Congressional District against Rep. Gosar and the semi-literate Democratic nonentity.  I ran to give myself an intelligent person to vote for.


By the way, you have an error in saying that Fifth District Democratic candidate Spencer Morgan has "the gonads to run against Gosar."  Although less euphonious, you clearly meant "against Salmon," although a nice pun about swimming upstream might have worked in the service of accuracy.


It's depressing to see the Village Voice logo above my comment as I write this.  As a kid in Brooklyn in the 1960s, the Voice was my guide to the world I wanted to live in, and I worked at the Voice in the mid-1970s.  To see that once-great journalistic name associated with this chazerai creeps me out.

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