Cardinals Keeping Ryan Lindley at Quarterback; Sign Our "Get Well Soon" Card for Kevin Kolb

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The Arizona Cardinals will be keeping Ryan Lindley at quarterback on Sunday, a week after he threw zero touchdowns and four interceptions in his NFL debut.

Cardinals writer Darren Urban says quarterback Kevin Kolb -- who led the team to a 4-1 record before sustaining a rib/chest injury during week six against the Buffalo Bills -- did "limited practice work" this last week, whatever that means.

Who knows when Kolb's going to be back, and Urban adds that coach Ken Whisenhunt wouldn't even declare that Kolb will be the starter when he's back and healthy.

We're sure Whisenhunt's aware, but the Cardinals have won absolutely zero games this year without Kolb -- that's five losses in a row, six if you include the game against the Bills, in which John Skelton threw an interception on his second pass attempt in overtime, which set up the Bills for a very short game-winning field goal.

So, based on appearances -- and assuming Lindley doesn't pull out a miracle on Sunday against the New York Jets -- it would appear that Cardinals fans might want Kolb to be healthy and tossin' footballs.

That said, you can sign the "get well soon" card for Kolb below. It's technically a petition, but Cardinals fans are probably pissed anyway, so go ahead and petition Kolb to get better.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

They've given up on having a winning season anyway - they're going for the best draft picks by being the worst team.


Same old Cardinals.  Open the roof.  Clean house starting with the coach. Derek Dooley seems like a good fit, or better yet, Rex Ryan once he gets canned by the jets. It's not like they'll be bigger failures.

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