Arizona Ballot Propositions: How to Vote Against (or With) Russell Pearce and His Ilk

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Russell Pearce (right) with late killer/neo-Nazi J.T. Ready.
Here's the thing about the propositions on the ballot for tomorrow's election: for the most part, they're boring, and at the end of the day, you may not really give a damn.

Thankfully, people like ousted state Senate President Russell Pearce, Governor Jan Brewer, and the lobbyists from Center for Arizona Policy have given their opinions on many of the propositions, which might make it easier for you to make a choice either way.

We'll have our more detailed explanations of the propositions later, but below, we'll list the propositions on the ballot, along with how your favorites feel about them.

  • Proposition 114
A "yes" vote shall have the effect of protecting crime victims from having to pay damages to a person who was injured while that person committed or attempted to commit a felony against the victim.

A "no" vote shall have the effect of keeping current constitutional law related to liability for damages.

Russell Pearce says "yes" to 114, and says he's the author.

  • Proposition 115
A "yes" vote shall have the effect of (1) increasing the terms of Arizona Supreme Court justices, Appellate and Superior Court judges to eight years; (2) raising the retirement age for justices and judges from seventy to seventy-five; (3) changing membership of commissions on appellate and trial court appointments and procedures for appointing justices and judges; (4) requiring the Supreme, Appellate, and Superior courts to publish decisions online, (5) requiring the Supreme Court to send a copy of the judicial performance review of each justice and judge who is up for retention to the Legislature, and (6) allowing a joint legislative committee to meet and take testimony on justices and judges up for retention.

A "no" vote shall have the effect of keeping current constitutional law related to the courts.

Russell Pearce says "yes" to 115, and says he's the author of this one, too. The Center for Arizona Policy says "yes" to this one too, as does Governor Jan Brewer.

  • Proposition 116
A "yes" vote shall have the effect of setting the amount exempt from annual taxes on business equipment and machinery purchased after 2012 to an amount equal to the combined earnings of 50 Arizona workers.

A "no" vote shall have the effect of keeping current constitutional law related to annual taxes on business equipment and machinery.

Russell Pearce says "yes" to 116, and only takes partial credit for making this one. Tom Jenney, director of Arizona's chapter of American's for Prosperty -- of Koch Industries fame -- also says "yes." (Caveat: Democratic state Representative Chad Campbell says "yes" too.)

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A "no" vote shall have the effect of keeping current constitutional law related to....why not tell us what the current laws are?  


Politicians in Arizona are the most corrupt, specially Shurf Joe Camell and fuck face Pearce.


Thanks to the PNT girls, gurls, and boys for this comprehensive list. Where can I find a similar list for Maricopa County Judges. The slimmyyy dogs have not sent me a single flyer or call to let me know why they want my vote. Voting for judgezz is so sleezzzze like the Pigrce clan! When are they gonna died and go away!


Isn't the back side of the Ballot Form, the Hell No Side?


Retain No Judges, and leave our Constitution ALONE!


We need Term Limits on all Elected Positions, especially the easily Corrupted, and over powered ones such as the Old Fashioned Position of Sheriff/King.


After Two Terms they are all crooked enough!


We need a Cleaner Political System.


Arizona is a Prime example of the Desperate need of Term Limits!

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