Worst Sports News of the Week: Cardinals, Coyotes, or D-Backs?

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Thank goodness basketball season hasn't started yet.
The past few days have been exceptionally crappy ones for Arizona sports.

The Cardinals lost their first game of the season (recap coming momentarily), the Coyotes and the rest of the NHL teams are already seeing their games canceled, the Diamondbacks missed the playoffs, and the team announced that neither member of its broadcast booth is coming back for next season.

The Cardinals got smoked, putting up just three points against the St. Louis Rams, although it's just one game.

The hockey season hasn't started, but the Coyotes have had four games canceled due to the NHL lockout. Seeing as a whole lot of players are already headed for European leagues, it doesn't seem like anyone's rushing to get a deal done between the players' union and the league.

Then, the D-backs just finished a mediocre year, and didn't really come close to the playoffs. They were picked by most national baseball writers at the beginning of the season as the division champs, and several even picked them for the World Series. That obviously didn't happen.

To add insult to injury (for some fans), the team announced today that Daron Sutton and Mark Grace will not be the broadcast-booth combo next season. Gracie got arrested for an alleged DUI again, and Sutton's an alleged rebel, which didn't go over so well with the front office.

That said, which part of the preceding sports news just really took a dump on your week?

Cast your vote below:

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G Paul Hudak
G Paul Hudak

Surely you meant the funniest sports news? The Cardinals crushing defeat after a winning streak is the most awesome let down I've seen this state's Republican base suffer since McCain in 08. Hilarious. The interwebs are creaking with thousands of sobbing whiners. Meanwhile, the view from my office is beautiful as usual.

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