Woman Busted at Border With 310 Vials of "Date Rape" Drug

Ketamine -- lots of it.
Bad news, rapists (good news, society): Customs and Border Protection says officers caught a woman attempting to enter the United States with 310 vials of a "date rape" drug.

According to CBP, 51-year-old Josefina Irene Dominguez was pointed out for additional questioning and a vehicle search at the Mariposa Port of Entry on Monday, whereupon the vials, containing ketamine, were found.

Although ketamine's classified by CBP as a "date rape" drug, the veterinary anesthetic is also a drug people use on themselves quite often -- as evidenced by these recollections of experiences on the drug.

Still, the government tends to classify ketamine as a "date rape" drug, along with GHB and Rohypnol.

According to CBP:

The Drug Enforcement Administration describes ketamine as a clear, odorless and tasteless liquid developed in the early 1960s to replace Phencyclidine (PCP) as an anesthetic. Since ketamine also induces amnesia, it is sometimes given to unsuspecting victims prior to the commission of sexual assaults. This illegal practice is referred to as "drug rape" or "date rape."

Either way, Dominguez didn't make it into the United States with what were allegedly her 310 vials of ketamine.

CBP referred Dominguez for prosecution.

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I don't see the problem here, obviously she just was just coming here to make a better life for herself and spread her "Rich Cultural Heritage"

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