UA Library: Not the Ideal Place to Pull a Knife on Random People

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Photo courtesy of HL Niles
This guy, with the knife, in the library.

For some reason, the guy being carried by police officers in the photo above was walking around the University of Arizona's library with a knife yesterday.

Campus police in Tucson haven't gone into too much detail about the incident, but a student in the library during all this tells New Times that the man said, to no one in particular, "It's all her fault," as he walked by.

It's not clear what this guy's deal was, but as the student nicely put it, he "seemed to be a little out of touch with reality."

That same guy would go on to allegedly pull out the knife and threaten a couple of male students. Those students later told police they had no idea who the guy was, according to our student at the scene.

The man didn't stab anyone, and no one got hurt, according to campus police.

University police say they showed up quickly to take this fellow away from the library, and based on the picture, it doesn't look like he made it easy on the cops.

Another picture of the knife guy, this one with police pointing guns at him, can be seen here.

U of A students, prepare for the lame jokes from your classmates today, including, "We have a library?"

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Yep, U of A has a library - puts them one up on ASU.

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