Tucson Prisoner Stole a Truck and Tried to Escape, but He Just Ran Into a Fence

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Here's Jimmy Odom. He sucks at trying to escape from prison.
Convicted murderer Jimmy Odom's attempted escape from a Tucson prison today was pretty lame.

Odom's plan, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections, was to beat up a contracted worker who was driving a delivery truck into the prison, steal the truck, and drive to freedom by running down several layers of fencing.

Odom's attempt didn't last long.

He succeeded at beating up the worker and stealing the truck, but failed at the fence part -- he got through the first layer, but just ran the truck right into the outer fence, and got stuck there, according to ADC.

What makes Odom's attempt even more pathetic is that after the two fences he tried to break through, he still would've been in the prison. Odom actually failed at breaking through the fencing to his own housing unit.

Had Odom made it through those two fences, he would've had two more fences to break through that surround the perimeter of the complex, according to ADC. Armed officers also patrol the perimeter fences, ADC says.

Instead, he got through one fence, and a corrections officer restrained him right after he tried going through the second fence, ADC says.

Odom has called the Tucson prison complex home since 2004, after he was convicted of murder, burglary, armed robbery, and kidnapping in Coconino County. He's in there for life anyway.

Thanks to Odom's poor attempt at escaping, his entire unit -- the Cimarron unit -- has been locked down, according to ADC.

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Making a joke about a murderer doing life attempting to escape is sick. Instead of focusing on the "humor" in this story, focus on how he managed to get to the backlot and gain access to such a resricted area, knowing that the key was acccessible from the contract employee, and then taking a risk that was surely poorly calculated but appears to be an act of desperation rather than plan. The prison business is becoming a joke to many and they are forgetting the dangers involved with these offenders. Ask for accountability not humor.. This was a major security breach that should bring serious questions.. Where is the outcry for running a $ 1.1 billion dollar outfit with so many problems? I don't get it. Humor me some more??


 @toersbijnsc all this is exactly the reason why nobody likes you and you never get invited to parties. now get out on the front porch, I think there's some kids on your lawn.

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