Tempe Man Catches Burglars and Makes Them Walk Away Naked, but Gets Arrested When Cops Find Live Alligator in His Apartment

Tempe PD
Alberto Rosciano (left) and Anthony Gammon were naked together Monday morning.
Anthony Burton is probably the most badass dude in Tempe.

Two guys allegedly tried to break into Burton's car, and they ended up walking away butt naked. Also, Burton keeps a live alligator in his apartment.

Burton, 29, found Anthony Gammon and Alberto Rosciano, both 18 years old, allegedly breaking into his car around 3 a.m. Monday, according to Tempe police.

Burton confronted the men with a gun, and told them to get inside his apartment. Once inside, Burton made Gammon and Rosciano get naked, which was apparently to make sure that they had no stolen property hidden anywhere, police say.

At that point, Burton let them leave -- but not with their clothes.

They hopped in their own car and drove away, and police caught up with quite likely the only two naked dudes driving down Rural Road together at 3 a.m., and were arrested for the alleged burglary.

Meanwhile, police met up with Burton at his place, and officers did not like what they saw -- like the live alligator inside his apartment.

According to Tempe police, Burton had a two-foot Caiman -- a member of the alligator family -- which Burton said he bought over the Internet from a Florida-based company.

Anthony Burton.jpg
Tempe PD
Anthony Burton
Unfortunately, due to the alligator -- as well as the marijuana and drug paraphernalia allegedly found in his apartment -- police took Burton to jail.

So, everyone went to jail. Burton faces charges for the marijuana, the paraphernalia, and the alligator. Gammon and Rosciano each face a pair of burglary charges, as well as drug-paraphernalia charges.

The alligator was turned over to the Arizona Herpetological Association.

Tempe PD
The alligator that allegedly belonged to Anthony Burton.

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Kind of like Mr. Burtons style.  It's kind of weird a story with a good " ha " to it.....))

Flyer9753 topcommenter

 @LegitQuestions I was all ready to make a comment but... I just don't think I can top that :)

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