Sheriff Larry Dever Speeding at 62 MPH on Dirt Road Without Seat Belt Buckled Before Fatal Crash

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Sheriff Larry Dever

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever had been traveling at 62 mph on a dirt road without his seat belt on when his pickup left the road and rolled, killing him.

The new info comes from a report released today by the Coconino County Sheriff's Office, according to an article by ABC-15 News.

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-See also: Sheriff Larry Dever Didn't Have Seat Belt On When His Truck was Found; Feds Check Forest Road for Problems

Dever was found dead at the scene moments after the September 18 crash just after sunset in a rural area near Williams. The popular southern Arizona sheriff had been on his way to a hunting trip near White Horse Lake with family members.

Beer cans were found strewn about the accident scene, but there's no indication as of yet that Dever had been drinking.

As we reported previously, engineers with the Kaibab National Forest checked the dirt road for defects. No speed limit signs are posted on the road, Forest Road 109, but state law requires drivers to travel at safe and prudent speeds at all times.

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i don't believe a word of it.


it's coincidentally convenient for the growing corrupt conservative political cirlcles in this state that this man turns up dead in the strangest of circumstances.


surely, there are those gaining from this sheriff dever's death.




62 miles per hour on any dirt road = too fast for conditions. 


@pszymeczek ever investigate a crash? Ever learn algebra? Did you visit the crash site? Have you driven that road? i have....Before you comment, make an attempt at being semi-intelligent. Ass clown.


 @UpYours  @pszymeczek Based on the results of Dever driving 62 on that dirt road, pszymeczek seems to be about right. I don't have to be an accident investigator to know that. I have driven pickups on dirt roads before and going 62 is asking for trouble if you are going around a curve.

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